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Torrents are one of the most practical ways to share files over the Internet. We just have to create a .torrent file and people will be able to download it directly from our computer or mobile phone. Something that at certain times can be even more convenient than uploading the documents to a storage unit in the cloud, to Mega, File Transfer or other similar sites.

The use of torrent files can be a more than healthy alternative when the file we want to share is too large to send by email, or has a strange or unsupported format. Torrents accept any type and size of file, and in that sense, they do not offer any kind of limitation.

In addition, they do not have any time limitation so we can share them for as long as we want (and likewise, cut off access immediately when we see fit).

How to generate a torrent file, explained step by step

It is worth mentioning before starting that although this way of sharing content is usually associated with piracy, it is also a good weapon to disseminate legal content of all kinds: from advertising material, through free software, educational documentation and even journalistic information whose sources they must remain anonymous for security reasons. With that said, let's see how we can generate our own torrent ...

How to create a torrent offline

If we already have a torrent download program, the normal thing is that we can use that same tool to create our own torrents and share them on the network. Currently there are several torrent applications that have this functionality, such as Bittorrent, Transimission or uTorrent. For this tutorial, we will use the BitTorrent Windows client as an example.

  • We open BitTorrent and go to the menu "File -> Create New Torrent”.

  • In the countryside "Select source"Click on"Add file"To add a single file, or"Add directory”If we want to create the torrent from a folder made up of several files.

  • Additionally, the torrent creation box also offers us the possibility of making certain adjustments, such as the possibility of adding comments, preserving the order of the files or indicating the source / web of origin.
  • Likewise, we will also see how URLs are automatically added. These are what are known as “trackers” or trackers, and they help to facilitate communication with the users (peers) who want to download the file.
  • Once we have all the settings to our liking, click on the button "Create”.
  • Then a new window will open where we will indicate the name and path of the torrent file. It is advisable to make sure to save the file in a folder that is easy to remember. Click on "Keep”.

From here, the torrent file will start to be shared automatically, something that we can check if we go to the list of shared torrents. Now we just have to take the torrent file that we have just created, which will only weigh a few kilobytes, and send it by mail, Telegram, WhatsApp, Dropbox or any other tool so that people can start downloading its content.

Lastly, remember that if only you are sharing the file, the torrent will only be available while your device is on and with the torrent application running. Important!

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How to create a torrent online

If we do not have any torrent client installed or we are operating from a mobile phone, we can also generate a torrent file using web tools. For this, we can use the Online Torrent Creator, an online torrent creator hosted on Github that works really well and saves us from having to go through installations of any kind.

Its operation is very similar to what we have seen in the previous point. We select the file or folder that we want to use for the torrent, along with some optional data such as trackers, comments and source source.

When we have everything ready, click on the big blue button "Create Torrent”And we let the machine do all the work. In a matter of seconds we will have at our disposal a manageable torrent file that we can share with our friends and acquaintances.

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