Guide to disable automatic updates on Android

When we buy an Android mobile or tablet, automatic app updates they are usually activated by default. This is fine to keep all of our applications up to date. But it also has its drawbacks: it can be a beastly data drain if we are not connected to a WiFi network when the update skips. All this without counting that we can run out of free space if we are a little tight on storage. Can these updates be disabled?

How to disable automatic update of apps on Android

Of course, Android allows you to disable the automatic update of applications. But unlike most system configurations, we cannot do it from the classic "Settings”From our terminal. We have to enter Google Play Store and sauté a little - in fact, it's really simple-:

  • We enter the Play Store, and open the side drop-down menu by clicking on the icon "Menu”Located in the upper left margin of the application.
  • We select "Settings”.

  • Click on "Update apps automatically”.
  • A pop-up window will open with 3 options:
    • Don't update apps automatically.
    • Update apps automatically at any time. This may involve mobile data consumption.
    • Automatically update apps over Wi-Fi only.
  • If what we want is for the apps to be updated only when we are connected to a wireless network we will leave the third option checked. If we just want disable updates completely, we will choose the first option "Don't update apps automatically”.

How to enable or disable automatic software updates individually

On Android as in life itself, not everything is black or white. We may want to keep some apps updated and others not, for whatever reasons - lack of use, continuous or heavy updates, etc.-.

To manage app updates individually:

  • In the Play Store, we open the side drop-down menu by clicking on the “Menu"And select"My apps and games”.
  • Let's go to the section "Installed”And click on the app that we want to manage in a personalized way.
  • In the application file, we will click on the icon with 3 vertical dots located in the upper right margin.

  • Finally, we will uncheck or activate the tab "Update automatically”According to our needs.
  • We will repeat this same process with all the apps whose updates we want to manage individually.

How to disable operating system updates on Android

The last fringe that we have left to tie is that of the automatic system updates. Normally these types of updates are usually more than beneficial for our Android device -version updates, security patches-, but it is convenient to know that we can also deactivate or adjust them, if we see it necessary:

  • We enter the general settings of our device (gear icon) and click on "System -> Phone Information”.
  • We came in "System updates”And we tap on the menu icon located in the upper right margin.
  • We select "Settings”.

  • If what we want is that no type of update is carried out, simply we will leave unmarked the options "Updates via Wi-Fi network only" and "Allow automatic download of updates over Wi-Fi”.

As always, for any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to visit the comments area.

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