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Many mobile applications and games offer certain functionalities depending on our geographic location. Others require localization to be activated in order to function, and in some cases certain apps are only available in certain countries or geographical areas. Or put another way: GPS location plays an essential role in how we relate to our phone.

At this point, there may be several reasons that lead us to want fake our real location, either for privacy reasons or for testing on a specific app (if we are application developers). If we find ourselves in a situation like this, Android users have it really easy since it is enough to make a couple of "tweaks" to virtualize our location and make the phone believe that we are in Alaska, Tibet or in the White House itself. Let's see how to get it.

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Step # 1: Activate Developer Options

The first thing we have to do to trick the GPS of our Android device is to activate the developer options. This will give us access to a lot of settings that are not normally available within the standard configuration options of the system.

  • Open the menu "Settings"Of Android and enter"System -> Phone Information”. (In some devices this option is also usually directly within the “Settings”)
  • Click 7 times in a row on the "Build number”.
  • A message will automatically appear on the screen indicating that the developer options are activated.

Now, if we enter “Settings -> System”We will see that there is a new menu available called Developer options.

Step # 2: Install an app to fake your GPS location

Next we must download an application that provides false locations to our GPS. Currently there are a lot of apps to fake the location, although there are 3 that stand out especially:

  • Fake GPS Location: With this tool we can teleport to any place in the world with just a couple of clicks. All we have to do is navigate the map and choose where we want to go. Once we have decided, click on the green "Play" button that appears in the lower left margin, and from here all the applications that we have installed on the device will believe that we are in that place. To stop the simulation, just press the button again and everything will return to normal.
Download QR-Code Fake GPS location Developer: Lexa Price: Free

  • Mock GPS with Joystick: One of the limitations of the app Fake GPS Location is that it does not allow us to move or move as if we were really in that place. To solve this we can install an application like Mock GPS: once we have selected the virtual location of the phone we can use the joystick that it incorporates to move around the place and give the feeling that we are really walking through the area.
Download QR-Code Mock GPS with joystick Developer: Price: Free

  • Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick: The ultimate app to simulate a fake location. It is much more complex than the previous ones, and allows us to do things like establish a route so that it seems that we are really in that place, without having to be with the joystick indicating by hand where we are moving.
Download QR-Code Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick Developer: The App Ninjas Price: Free

Step # 3: Activate the location simulation

Now that we have each piece in place, we can only tell Android to activate the virtual location of the GPS. For this we are going to "Settings -> System -> Developer options"And click on"Choose location to simulate location”.

Here the system will allow us to choose the app that will be used to fool the various GPS location systems of the phone (Fake GPS Location, Mock GPS with Joystick or GPS JoyStick).

From this moment we only have to open the application that we have just selected and choose the destination. Once we have the new location activated, the rest of Android applications and services will act as if we were in that place.


  • If we want skip ageolocation blocking We may also need to mask our IP (many platforms check both the location of the device and the IP address to locate us on the map). For this, it is also necessary to install a VPN and establish a connection with a server located in the destination location. If we don't want to spend money we can use a free VPN for Android like Turbo VPN or Windscribe.
  • Location simulation is intended for development and test environments only. This means that a continued use of these types of applications can cause the GPS of our Android to stop working correctly (even with the false location disabled).

This last point is important to emphasize, since the use of fake locations in games like Pokémon Go has caused problems in a lot of terminals over the last few years. Something that I can attest to first hand: I have never received so many inquiries on this blog as when the famous Niantic game came out on the market, and in many cases, it all stemmed from the indiscriminate use of these types of apps. Therefore, nothing better than to use them responsibly, and if we find some kind of problem in other applications, it is best to uninstall them and to something else, butterfly.

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