How to watch series and movies from AMC, Hollywood Channel and others for free

In previous publications we have seen how we can watch DTT from an Android device, and we have also reviewed various streaming platforms to watch movies and series for free on the Internet. On this occasion, however, we come to talk about Microchannels, a free initiative of AMC Network to publicize the premium TV channels that we can usually find on payment platforms such as Movistar +, Vodafone TV or Euskaltel.

How works is the new website that AMC Networks has just launched, which offers permanent free access to content from thematic channels such as AMC, Canal Hollywood, DARK or Sol Música.

The idea behind this platform is to offer a certain number of series, films and documentaries in order to bring the company's productions closer to the general public and encourage them to, with a little luck and good will, hire its services. (As we say, not all channels can be seen, only some selected content).

Until now, this free AMC service was available only from its app to Android and ios, although with the premiere of all this content can now also be enjoyed via the web from the browser without installing any application.

Download QR-Code Microcanales Developer: AMC Networks International Iberia Price: Free Download QR-Code Microcanales Developer: Multicanal Iberia, S.L. Price: Free

TV channels and content available

Currently the service offers free content selected from a total of 13 channels, where we can find everything from cooking programs, through live concerts, horror films, action films or independent series.

This is the list of everything Microchannels are offering for this April in Spain:

  • AMC: 'Stan Against Evil' 'Wow, I got the wrong number' and 'The humiliation'
  • Hollywood Channel: ‘White storm’, ‘The wedding day’ and ‘Films & Stars’
  • Sun Music: ‘A Solas: Amaral’, ‘A Solas: El Kanka’ and interview with Manuel Carrasco
  • Odyssey: ‘Pleasure and pain: the science of love’ and ‘The era of big cats’
  • XTRM: ‘Rescue in Afghanistan’, ‘Revenge in prison’ and ‘Action Zone’
  • DARK: ‘Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth’ and ‘Apocalypse’
  • SundanceTV: ‘This Close’, ‘Couscous’ and ‘Promises and Lies: The Story of UB40’
  • Are: ‘The prodigious light’, ‘My wedding night’ and ‘With my back to the door’
  • Kitchen Channel: ‘Homemade desserts’, ‘How is it made?’ And ‘World markets’
  • Decasa Channel: ‘Special Casa Decor 2020’, ‘The house of your dreams’ and ‘With the touch of Chus’
  • The Gourmet: ‘Asado masters’, ‘Taco masters’ and ‘Latin tradition’
  • More Chic: ‘Learn to make up’, ‘The furniture recycler’ and ‘Redecorate with your hands’
  • Panda Channel: ‘Panda Kitchen with Julia Macaroni’ and ‘Panda and the cardboard city’

It must be emphasized, of course, that in the case of TV programs and series they will only give us access to the first couple of episodes, since it is still a promotional platform whose objective is that we hire their premium paid services. In any case, it is already much more than what other companies like Netflix offer here in Spain, so it is still an interesting option if what we are looking for is some free, legal and quality audiovisual entertainment.

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