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If this is the first time that you are trying to make a videoconference from your laptop, you may have just discovered that the webcam that comes standard is a bit seedy. If you have a desktop computer, they most likely don't even have a webcam, which doesn't help much if you're thinking of opening a Twitch channel for streaming sessions. In any of these cases you need a webcam that fits your budget and offers the best possible quality, and that's just what we're going to talk about in today's post.

Next, we review the 10 best webcams for PCs and laptops with which to telecommute, video calls, make streaming sessions or record videos for YouTube. Now, what do we have to look at when buying a good webcam?

Factors to consider before buying a webcam

Currently the market is oversaturated with brands and models other than webcams. At the end of the day, they are fairly simple devices to manufacture - little more than a camera and a microphone with a USB output - so the offer is tremendously wide. However, there are several characteristics that should be followed closely.

  • Resolution: Most standard webcams have a resolution of 720p (1280 × 720 pixels) or 1080p (1920 × 1080 pixels). With a FullHD resolution of 1080 we have more than enough at best. There are also 4K solutions, but unless we need professional video quality, we will most likely not take advantage of it (the full screen is rarely used with the webcam).
  • Frame rate: Most webcams use a refresh rate of 30 frames per second, which is pretty good considering that cinema movies are broadcast at 24 fps. That said, if we want to stream video games we may need a higher refresh rate so that our image fits better to the content we are broadcasting, in which case we should opt for a camera that records at 60fps.
  • Microphone: There is not much to scratch here, as even the best webcams on the market tend to have fairly regular microphones. Whichever webcam you choose, you will most likely get better results using headphones with a mic or a separate microphone, so don't go crazy with this component either and focus on other aspects such as framerate or resolution.

In addition to this, it is also interesting that we look if the camera includes any editing software (something common in some high-end webcams), and some other cucada as a possible cap to hide the lens when we are not using the device.

The 10 best value for money webcams for streaming, video conferencing and more

Due to the exceptional confinement situation that we are experiencing globally, webcams have become extremely popular, and many stores find themselves with lack of stock. Even the biggest ones like Amazon or PC Components here in Spain. For this reason, we have included as many links as possible to different reference online stores, as well as to the manufacturer's own website.

Logitech C920s

One of the best webcams for PC within the mid-range. It has a good Full HD picture quality and a pretty decent microphone with stereo sound (built-in dual mic). If you need a webcam to telecommute and make videoconferences with clients and colleagues from the office, this is a highly recommended option.

Its value for money is more than justified, delivering highly satisfactory results in this regard. Oh, and it also includes a tab that we can lower to cover the lens, which can be great if we have children at home and we need to neglect the computer to go to the bathroom or take a little break during an online meeting.

  • Resolution: 1080p (Full HD)
  • Framerate: 30fps
  • Microphone: Stereo
  • Approximate price: € 99.99

Buy Logitech C920s at Amazon | PC Components | FNAC | Media Markt | Logitech website

Dericam 1080P Full HD Live Streaming Webcam

Although Dericam is not as well-known a brand as Logitech, its rating by users on Amazon places it as one of the best low budget alternatives to stream live. It features Full HD 1080p video quality with 1/3 CMOS sensor and a 75-degree angle of view that records good images up to a distance of about 8 meters.

This is a Plug & Play device with a USB 2.0 cable so the installation is automatic, and it is compatible with both Windows, MacOS and Android.

  • Resolution: 1080p (Full HD)
  • Framerate: 30fps
  • Microphone: Stereo. Capture voice up to 8 meters
  • Approximate price: € 29.99

Buy Dericam 1080P at Amazon | Ebay UK | Clear shop

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

This PC webcam made by Microsoft is aimed primarily at those who want to video conferencing and do not need great technical fanfare. It is certified for Skype and offers a 16: 9 recording format. The video quality is HD 720p and it has an adjustable mount that we can easily attach to the computer monitor, laptop or place it on the table comfortably.

  • Resolution: 720p (HD)
  • Framerate: 30fps
  • Microphone: Unidirectional with acoustic noise cancellation
  • Approximate price: € 34.99

Buy Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 at PC Components | Amazon | Microsoft website

Spedal Full HD Webcam 1080p

Spedal is another of those little-known brands that triumphs on Amazon with an excellent product at a quality-price level. It has a camera capable of transmitting in Full HD 1080p and H.264 video compression. The webcam is assembled from 7 glass lenses with 1536p resolution and offers a viewing angle of 110 degrees, in addition to manual focus and light correction. Compatible with Windows, Xbox, MacOS, ChromeOS, SmartTV and Android.

  • Resolution: 1080p (Full HD)
  • Framerate: 30fps
  • Microphone: Double for stereo audio
  • Approximate price: € 59.99

Buy Spedal Full HD Webcam at Amazon | GearBest | Ebay

Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro

One of the best high-end PC webcams. If you are looking for a video quality well above average this is the option to pursue. Features 4K resolution, HDR recording and a top-of-the-range lens for those who need a professional solution. The camera allows you to pan and zoom your digital image, although of course the price is also in line. Unless you connect a DSLR camera to your PC, this is the best you can get right now. Includes premium license of XSplit software for one year.

  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
  • Framerate: 60fps
  • Microphone: Stereo audio with dual microphone
  • Approximate price: € 249.00

Buy Logitech Brio at Logitech website | Amazon | PC Components

EIVOTOR 720P Webcam

This low-end PC webcam is another very interesting option. It has a 5-layer lens, HD resolution at 720p and a refresh rate of 30 frames per second. It includes automatic brightness adjustment, microphone to pick up sound up to 8 meters away, neck adjustable 180 degrees vertically and a head capable of 360 degrees rotation. Easy to install with Plug & Play connection, USB 2.0 and in short, a “battle” webcam with which to make videoconferences without too many complications.

  • Resolution: 720p (HD)
  • Framerate: 30fps
  • Microphone: A noise canceling microphone
  • Approximate price: € 36.99

Buy EIVOTOR webcam at Amazon | GearBest

Razer Kiyo

If you are a gamer and want to show your face in the streams in addition to the game screen, you should take a look at this device. Like the rest of Razer's keyboards, mice and gadgets, this webcam also includes a small light. In this case, it is a ring of light that can be used to illuminate your face in case you are playing in a dimly lit room. It is capable of recording at 60fps in HD resolution which can be perfect if we are looking for a good fluidity in the images (although the quality is not perfect). 100% compatible with programs like OBS and Xsplit.

  • Resolution: 720p (HD)
  • Framerate: 60fps (or 30fps with 1080p resolution)
  • Microphone: Omni-directional with 16-bit 48KHz audio codec
  • Approximate price: € 109.99

Buy Razer Kiyo at Razer website | Amazon | PC Components

Logitech C270

The C270 is Logitech's low-end webcam. A product of consistent manufacture and a camera + microphone specially designed to make video calls on Skype, Messenger, Hangouts or Zoom without complications and little else. We are facing a Plug & Play device so once connected the chat application that we are using will be able to detect it automatically. Recommended for people with little technical knowledge. Compatible with Windows, MacOS and ChromeOS.

  • Resolution: 720p (HD)
  • Framerate: 30fps
  • Microphone: Integrated audio with noise cancellation
  • Approximate price: € 34.99

Buy Logitech C270 atAliExpress | Amazon | PC Components |  GearBest | Logitech website

Microsoft LifeCam Studio

This premium Microsoft webcam is designed for the business environment. For this, it offers a camera capable of recording video at 1080p and making video calls at 720p with a high-precision, wide-angle glass lens and a wide-band microphone that captures sound in a crystal-clear way. A flexible peripheral with 360-degree rotation capability and Microsoft's TrueColor System technology, which dynamically adjusts exposure for good lighting every time.

  • Resolution: 720p (live broadcast) 1080p (video recordings)
  • Framerate: 30fps
  • Microphone: wideband microphone
  • Approximate price: € 76.99

Buy Microsoft LifeCam Studio at PC Components | Amazon | Microsoft Store

Logitech StreamCam

We finish the list with the StreamCam from Logitech, a webcam that has just recently hit the market and that has a significant price. Worth? The truth is that we are facing a premium peripheral with high-end features, although it does not reach 4K resolutions like the Logitech Brio. In this case we are facing a camera designed to stream from the laptop (it also includes a tripod support), with a design that fits perfectly even on the thinnest screens. Besides that, it is one of the few webcams -if it is not the only one- that currently offers USB C 3.1 cable connection.

  • Resolution: 1080p (Full HD)
  • Framerate: 60fps
  • Microphone: Stereo
  • Approximate price: € 159.00

Buy Logitech StreamCam at Logitech website | Amazon | PC Components | Ebay

Note *: The approximate price of each peripheral is indicated on the website of the manufacturer or point of sale referring to the time of writing this article. Its price can vary considerably depending on the date and store that we consult.

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