Trick to Know if a Contact is Connected to Skype

Skype has a functionality that allows you to appear in a disconnected state for the rest of your contacts. It is a utility that comes in handy when we are busy and do not want to be disturbed. Just click on our status and select the mode "Invisible”. From that moment on we will appear as disconnected and anyone who tries to talk to us will think that we are not on Skype, but is there a trick that allows us to know if a contact is really disconnected or is simply in invisible mode? The answer is YES, and it is also extremely simple.

Meaning of status colors in Skype

Before you begin, you may want to review the meaning of the colored balls that appear next to each contact:

  • Green : Online and visible (also known as "Available").
  • Yellow : Absent (also known as LDT "Far-from-the-keyboard")
  • Red : Busy (also known as "Not Available")
  • White: Offline or Invisible (hidden)

How to know if a contact is online and in "Invisible" mode

Send a message to your "suspicious" contact, and if after a few seconds the wheel keeps turning continuously it means that this contact is actually offline. That is, we send the message and as long as the wheel continues to turn it means that the message has not yet reached its destination. If it does not stop spinning, it means that you have not reached your goal (that is, the contact is not online in Skype).

If the wheel does not stop turning it means that the recipient is really disconnected

But yes when sending the message the wheel disappears, it means that the message has reached its addressee, and this is in invisible mode.

No wheel: The ignition is connected and in invisible mode

How You See is a very basic trick that lets you know first-hand if the person you want to talk to is actually connected to Skype or not.


It seems that the trick of the wheel no longer works. I've been doing some research and have found that there are more ways to tell if a user is logged in / in invisible mode:

  • If you send a message to one of your contacts and Skype won't let you delete it, that means that contact is online and in invisible mode. The message has been read (If you are not connected, you have 1 hour to be able to delete the message)
  • Try to make a call to the contact. If "gives tone" it means that it is connected (if not, it will give an error). Here you have a small video that shows how it works.

As you can see in the first call attempt the user is not connected, and therefore when trying to make the call it gives an error message ("call failed" or "failure to make the call") after the first ring. In the second attempt, the user is connected but in invisible mode, and in this case, it does sound.

FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the many questions that you have asked me in relation to this post, I will try to group them all and offer some clues that may help you:

  • If you do not log out, even if you close the Skype window or minimize it, you are still connected, and you will appear as such to the rest of your contacts, since Skype continues to work in the background. Try to make sure you are logged out. It is a fairly common problem and it is easy for it to escape us.
  • Sometimes the Skype session gets caught or hung, and you can appear connected or disconnected even if it is not really so. The easiest way to fix this is to log into Skype one more time and mark your status as "Offline" or Offline. Log out again and log back in.
  • Skype also has a web version that we can access if we enter our web mail from Outlook or Hotmail. Many times the problems tend to originate because said session is open or offline and there are usually timing problems. To solve it, try from your email by clicking on your profile image (in the upper right part of the page), and just below "My Profiles" Choose "Skype profile”. A new window will load you with your Skype account details. In the upper right you will have the option of "Sign off”. Go back into Skype and check that everything works correctly.
  • Sometimes some contacts appear online for a moment and soon they disappear. What happen? Many times if the connection of said contact is not very good or stable, Skype may suffer micro cuts and therefore the contact will appear as constantly connected / disconnected.
  • In relation to the web version of Skype that has the webmail itself of each or hotmail account it is convenient to take into account the following: Those that appear as available under the bar “Contacts:”From your webmail are friends and potential friends or suggestions. The case that they appear in state "connected"It is because they are really connected, either by mail or in the app, but it is possible that in the app they appear as"Missing”Because the app will be closed, but without logging out. They can also appear as absent if they don't take any action on Skype after a certain amount of time. If none of this fits with reality (because you have talked to them or they have told you about it) it is because Skype can be run in several different ways (PC, mobile app and Outlook) and let's say that it still has certain synchronization problems in that appearance. In the case of "Friend1", it appears as Absent in the app: that is because it has Skype "running behind" without logging out (either on the mobile or PC) and that is why in Outlook it appears as connected. Let's say that outlook still has trouble distinguishing that state change ...

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