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Have you ever wondered why memories always have less free space than advertised? Most mid-range mobiles usually come with 64GB of internal storage, but it is enough that we have a 32GB -or even 16GB- phone so that at the least we start receiving warning messages from Android.

The quickest solution usually is to buy a micro SD card, although basically all we do is delay the problem. If we take many photos, download movies or record many videos, our mobile will fill up sooner or later. What can we do to solve our space problems?

The best apps to free up space on Android

The first thing we have to say is that there are many applications to free up space that are not entirely reliable: they ask for too many permissions, and in some cases they even steal personal data to sell to third parties. In this sense, it is best to opt for secure and verified applications that give us some confidence, such as these that we will see below.

Google files

This application developed by Google is a tool halfway between a file manager and a space cleaner. On the one hand, it allows us to see all the documents that we have stored on the device in a more direct way, without showing the folder structure (images, on the one hand, videos, on the other, documents, etc.).

But it also has a section dedicated to managing storage space. This is where the real "crumb" of Files is, where the app shows us a well-ordered list of everything we can delete: application cache, junk files, apps that we don't use, files that are too large, duplicate files, etc. As easy as pressing, selecting and cleaning.

In addition, it is a universal application, 100% user friendly, safe, without advertising and that works especially well on low-performance terminals. As a bonus, mention that Files also allows you to send files to other devices without an Internet connection (using Bluetooth). One of the best to free up space on your mobile or tablet without too many complications.

Download Google QR-Code Files: Free up space on your phone Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Google Photos

The second app on the list also comes from the makers of Android. With Google Photos we can not only delete all those photos that we do not want to keep, such as screenshots or memes. The application also gives us the opportunity to save a copy in the cloud of all the photos we take with our mobile.

To do this, just synchronize the folders we want to save. From there, all the images that are already synchronized can be deleted from the internal memory to gain a good handful of megabytes or even gigabytes. The best of all is that if we make the copies in high resolution, Photos will allow us to save all the photos we want in the cloud. Unlimited capacity, no cheat or cardboard.

If we already have Files installed and we combine it with the use of Google Photos, we will keep the storage capacity of our Android device at bay to unsuspected levels. A highly recommended pair.

Download QR-Code Google Photos Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Norton Clean

Other items that usually take up space on the phone's internal memory are cached files. We can always empty the Android cache by hand, but if we are looking for an app that helps us in this task safely and offers some extra functionality, we should definitely take a look at Norton Clean.

The well-known security and antivirus company offers a tool with which we can clear the cache, junk files, APKs and heavy applications from a clean and centralized interface.

Download QR-Code Norton Clean Developer: Norton Labs Price: Free

Along the same lines as the Norton app, we find other cleaning applications such as CCleaner, Clean Master or DU Speed ​​Booster. Personally, I think that they are not so recommended, since they offer more functionalities than we really need, and they can overload our Android device unnecessarily.

Some extra tips to free up space on your mobile

With the 3 applications that we have mentioned we should have more than enough to keep our phone clean. However, we can always scratch a little more internal space by performing some manual actions.

  • Clean up WhatsApp every so often: WhatsApp can be a real multimedia dump. Check the photos and videos that you have in the application from time to time and delete the ones that don't interest you. You can't even imagine how much space you can free up.
  • Does your mobile have a native cleaning app?: Some brands often include their own cleaning app to free up space. Normally it is usually within the phone's settings (in the Storage section), or outside in the application drawer, working as an independent app.
  • Use a micro SD card: If the internal memory of our mobile is too small, we can always insert an SD memory. In this way, we can transfer all the photos, videos and heavy files (and even applications) to the card and get a little more space to install apps in the internal memory.

As a last recommendation, it is also advisable to take a look at the apps that we have installed and uninstall those that we do not use or that we have saved just in case but we never get to use them.

If we follow all these tips, in addition to internal space, we will gain in performance and fluidity. It is a somewhat boring task, but if we do it regularly we can achieve very good results. Let's clean up!

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