How to view and manage passwords stored in Chrome

The "autocomplete" feature in Chrome is wonderful. IF we use complex and strong passwords for our online accounts, we will most likely not remember them. Therefore, it is essential that we know how to access, view and manage the keys that we have saved in our Google Chrome account in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

How to save a password in Google Chrome

The first thing we have to do before starting to manage is to make sure that we have password saving activated.

  • From Android: We open Chrome and click on the menu button (3 vertical dots, in the upper right margin) and go to "Settings -> Passwords”. In this new screen we make sure that the tab "Save passwords " it's activated.

  • From a desktop computer: Click on the icon of our user at the top of the browser and click on "Passwords". We can also do the same by typing "chrome: // settings / passwords" in the address bar. Once we are in the password management screen, we make sure that the tab "Suggest that passwords be saved" it's activated.

Now, we will load a page that requires login. Once the form has been filled in with our credentials, Chrome will ask us if we want to save the password. We select "Keep”.

If we click on "Never"The password will be added to the list of"Never saved”. In this way, whenever we enter that website, we will have to manually enter the access password.

Assuming we have chosen to save the credentials, the next time we load the login form, Google will automatically fill in the username and password fields for us. If we have more than one user for that page, click on the user field and select the desired account.

How to remove a password from the "Never saved" list

At one point, we may not want Google to save the password and prefer to enter it by hand ourselves. Something quite understandable with sensitive credentials, such as the access data to the router or our bank account.

In this case, when Chrome asks us if we want to save the password, we will click on "Never". On the contrary, if the moment comes we want to reverse this situation, we will only have to go to “Configuration -> Passwords ” and scroll to the section "Never saved”.

All the websites on which we have blocked autosave will appear here. If we want to remove any page from the list, we just have to click on the "X" next to the URL in question.

Thus, the next time we log in to that page, Chrome will ask us again if we want to remember the access credentials.

How to view saved passwords in Google Chrome

If we want to see the passwords that we have stored in our Google account in the browser, we just have to go back to "Configuration -> Passwords ”, place ourselves in the account that interests us and click on the eye icon. The password will be displayed on the screen in plain text.

Note: If we are accessing from a password-protected computer, it is necessary that we indicate the username and password of the PC to be able to see the password.

How to export a list with all remembered passwords

If for whatever reason we want to export all the passwords and save them in a file on our own, we can do it as follows:

  • We open the Chrome settings menu in "Configuration -> Passwords ”.
  • Just above the list of saved passwords, click on the menu button and choose "Export passwords”.

  • Chrome will display a warning message. We select "Export passwords”.

  • Finally, we choose the path where we want to save the generated file in CSV format.

We must be clear that this file that contains all our keys it is not encrypted. So if someone opens it, they can see all the credentials of our online accounts in plain text and without protection. This poses a great risk to our security: do not do it unless it is strictly necessary.

How to clear passwords stored in Chrome

If we have clicked by mistake to save a password that we no longer use, or we simply do not want to save certain credentials, Google allows us to delete them.

As in previous occasions, we return to the Chrome password management menu, we go to the account we want to forget and click on the drop-down menu next to the eye. We click on "Remove”.

In this way, if we log in to that URL again, Google will ask us again if we want to save the credentials.

On the contrary, if we want delete all passwords stored in Chrome at once, we must follow these steps:

  • We open the Chrome settings menu and go to "Advanced configuration”.

  • We go down and click on "Delete navigation data”.

  • In this new window, click on "Advanced configuration", We left marked"Time range: All", We activate the box"Passwords and other access data”And uncheck the rest of the available boxes. Finally, click on "Delete data”To proceed with the complete erasure of all stored passwords.

We must bear in mind that this process is irreversible. Therefore, let's make sure completely before carrying out an action of such depth. If not, we'd better have a good memory next time we try to log in somewhere!

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