How to reset factory settings on Android without losing data

Like any other operating system, Android also slows down over time. Sometimes an app starts to fail, it doesn't connect the GPS, the WiFi or we simply have problems with the cameras or a game. In any of these cases, the device would greatly benefit if we reset it to factory settings.

There are situations in which words are unnecessary, and as much as it hurts, we know that we have to format. But what about the data? Is there a way to reset Android settings without losing our photos, videos and other documents? Yes! And that is precisely what we will see today.

How to restore factory settings on Android without losing our personal files

One of the biggest hassles when restoring an Android phone or tablet is to make the corresponding backup of our documents, contacts, SMS and others. Luckily, since the latest versions of Android we can already do a "partial" or "selective" factory reset. Something highly recommended if we only have problems with a very specific section of our mobile.

To do this, we enter the Android settings menu and go to the section "System -> Recovery Options”.

Note: Depending on the customization layer of our Android, exact location may vary. In some terminals we will find it in "System -> Reset", In others within"Backups", Or"Security”.

Partial restore options available

Within the recovery or "soft reset" options offered by Android, we find 2 available options:

  • Reset Wi-Fi, mobile network and Bluetooth: From here we will erase all communication settings andwe will leave it in its original factory condition. A recommended solution if we have problems with coverage, WiFi or Bluetooth connections. After doing this we will have to reconfigure the SIM and re-enter all the WiFi passwords. As well as pairing our wireless devices like headphones and speakers. Of course, all apps, photos, videos, and more remain intact.
  • Retrieve application settings: With this option all app preferences are reset- Disabled apps, app notifications, default apps, and permission restrictions, among others. Application data remains intact. A recommended solution if, after clearing the data and cache, we continue to have problems with an application.

Within the Android reset menu we will also find a third option: "Clear all data”. Unlike the 2 previous cases, here we will lose all our personal data (apps, photos, videos) and the phone will be restored to its original factory state.

Mention that some Android phones also offer another alternative for partial deletion, called "Reset all settings”. This option removes all phone settings like fingerprint, lock screen passwordsand network settings. Keeping that yes, all the data and documents of the user.

As you can see there are several options that we can try before opting for a total erasure of the phone. We are talking about processes that take no more than 2 minutes to be completed, and as a previous step to a total erasure, it is highly recommended. Sometimes we will be able to solve the problem, and in others we will have no choice but to be patient and do a proper formatting.

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