Alienware Concept UFO: a wild version of the Nintendo Switch

AlthoughNintendo switch It is basically a logical evolution of the previous Wii U, no one doubts at this point that it is one of the great technological revelations of the decade. A portable console that can also be connected to the TV screen, with removable gamepads that allow up to two players at any time and place.

The idea of ​​a hybrid console is too juicy to remain solely in Nintendo's yard, and it was only a matter of time before other major companies tried to emulate it. At CES 2020, the world's electronics fair held every year in Las Vegas, Alienware has unveiled a device that looks suspiciously like the Nintendo Switch. Something like a cheeky clone, if it weren't for the fact that it has more chicha in it than a hamburger with a double portion of bacon.

Alienware Concept UFO: a gaming PC shaped like a Nintendo Switch

The machine is named Concept UFO, and comes as a gaming PC with an integrated touch screen and two controllers that can be magnetically attached to the sides for an experience… yes, more or less the same as the Nintendo Switch. The screen has a resolution of 1900x1200p and the system mounts Windows 10 as an operating system, which means that we can squeeze it as a computer for all intents and purposes, not just to play a few games in the fresh air.

Notably we are facing a conceptual projectThat is to say, it is only a "trial and error", so Dell - owner of the Alienware brand - has not even confirmed that it will take it to stores one day. Of course, there are several physical prototypes that have been tested at the fair, and from what those who have put their claws on them say, we would be facing a machine capable of running games like Mortal Kombat 11 and World War Z with enough ease.

Regarding the rest of the features, the device would equip a 10th generation Intel processor, USB C ports on the top and bottom (which would allow adding a keyboard and mouse), a Thunderbolt port to connect the “console” to the TV , Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

There is still room for improvement

But not everything is flowers: analysts also comment that the controls have enough room for improvement, and taking into account that we are facing a portable PC that has a high weight (around one kilogram) it is not very comfortable or ergonomic for long sessions of game. It is what it has to do with trying to maintain that “gamer” design so rocky typical of Alienware.

For the rest, it seems that the console responds better when we connect it to a monitor, delivering refresh rates closer to 60FPS, while responding slightly above 30FPS in portable mode. As we mentioned, it is still a prototype: a sample of muscle by the manufacturer, which incidentally serves to test the market and see if it is worth taking a product of this type to the street.

And what will Nintendo think of all this? Would you be willing to fight for the intellectual property of such a device? The truth is that it does not seem that the Concept UFO can compete with the Nintendo Switch, or at least not directly. In this case we would be talking about a hardware that is close to a much more premium range, with prices similar to those of a gaming laptop, far from the almost 300 euros that a brand new Switch is currently worth.

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