How to take a good selfie: 10 super practical tips and recommendations

Making the perfect selfie is not easy. It's not even easy to take a good selfie. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Sometimes we see the photos that celebrities take on Instagram and we think they have no merit. Do you really think that the photo that Pilar Rubio posted this morning on her profile has come out by magic? Like everything in life, it is something that requires effort and practice. A lot of practice. Today, we review 10 basic tips to keep in mind to make the perfect selfie. Take good note, kids!

Find the perfect angle

Instead of taking the photo head-on, experiment a bit with different angles. Turning the camera to the right or left will make your features more prominent. On the other hand, if you point the camera from above, your eyes will appear larger. Also, this way you will avoid the damn pig nose. Highlights are generally not highly recommended.

In any case, a good tip is not to take any of these angles to the extreme. The subtlety is the key.

The lighting, if it is natural: much better

Natural light is the best when it comes to taking a good selfie. Whenever possible try to place yourself in a place where sunlight can reach, or next to a window. This helps to naturally brighten the face and minimize shadows.

Of course, avoid artificial light from spotlights and fluorescent lights at all costs. And what do we do at night, or if we are in a dark bar? Then look for a candle that offers some light. Another thing you can do is increase the brightness of the screen while taking the snapshot: bring in some light and thus avoid having to use the flash.

Flee from the shadows

According to photography experts, there is nothing worse than shadows cast on the face. It is very unflattering. And it also puts bags under our eyes.

If we have doubts, it is best face direct sunlight, or be completely in the shade. Halftones don't usually work well. The best time of day to take a photo is at sunrise or sunset, when the light is soft.

Smile like your life depended on it

When a smile is natural it always looks good in a photo. Of course, do not seem too forced or you will achieve the opposite effect. And we don't want our friends to think that we are about to enter a mental institution, do we?

Many influencers recommend smiling in the mirror until we find the perfect smile. Nor is it necessary to go to those extremes. A trick that works: "Try to smile with your eyes", and you will see how your expression gives off positivity in a much more natural way.

Take lots of selfies

Never settle for the first photo you take. If you want to upload a relevant moment to your RRSS in the form of an image, be sure to take a lot of snapshots. For every good selfie you find out there, there are another 50 or 100 that have not turned out so well. Those photos will never be published, but I assure you that a good selfie hunter has hundreds and thousands of those "dodgy" photos stored in the internal memory of his smartphone.

In constancy is the secret of success. Practice and take a lot of selfies, and you will see how over time you improve remarkably.

Filters and editing

Opinions are like asses: everyone has their own. Experts recommend being natural, but if we cannot avoid putting a filter, at least it is subtle.

This filter is really cool, but we can't say it's subtle precisely

The classic beauty mode retouching of selfie cameras must also be taken with a grain of salt. If we pass, the results are usually very artificial, and they achieve the opposite effect that they intend to deliver. Watch out!

If we are looking for an app to edit our selfies and do some other retouching, we can try mobile photo editors such as FaceTune or VSCO. They are apps that beauty bloggers like Amanda Steele recommend, and the truth is that they bring very good results.

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What do I do with my face?

Tilt your head slightly and turn it to the side. Mysteriously, it is something that usually works quite well for selfies. Another thing you can do is find your good side.

Some people prefer to always show their left profile, or their right. Why do they come out better like this? Our good side is usually the most symmetrical, and that is why when we use it we come out better in the photos.

Full body selfies

If we want to show the magnificent results of our latest diet, or the latest outfit that we just bought, and take a full-body photo:

  • Avoid cluttered places or places with lots of background elements. They distract attention from what you want to highlight: your mountain body.
  • You can show a more slim figure by turning your waist towards the camera.

Don't overthink it

Selfies that look too "stressed" or "forced" are never going to be okay. People usually realize that when they see a very artificial selfie. If you see that you do not get any image that is worth taking a break. Probably after a while you will get much more natural and eye-catching results for the camera.

Avoid cliches

Kim Kardashian duck snouts are long gone. Ok, they make you very stylized cheekbones, but if you want to be original, you will surely avoid those types of poses with all your soul.

The mugs are sooo from 2004!

In these cases, freshness is usually the most important.So, if you don't get the expression you were looking for, it is best to put your phone aside for a moment. Then pick up the phone again, focus, and take the selfie in under 15 seconds.

Beware of mirrors!

Avoid mirrors unless they are absolutely essential to get the shot you are looking for. If you use a mirror, not only will the phone be seen in the photo, but it can also cause unwanted glare and reflections. They completely break the magic. The farther the better.

Finally, it is also advisable to know all the possibilities offered by the camera of our mobile at a technical level (lens aperture, image stabilizer, HDR, digital zoom, etc.). If you want to know more about this, take a look at this other post.

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