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Thanks to the incredible market share that Netflix has in Spain, the company has always stayed quite on the sidelines when it comes to free trial subscriptions and other marketing nods to attract new users to the platform.

Although some countries still enjoy free periods of 7, 14 and even 30 days of unlimited access, in Spain this type of advertising techniques have long been put aside. Something that seems to have changed drastically in recent days to the satisfaction of the general public, since since this week Netflix has begun to offer content completely free and open, without the need for registration or subscription of any kind.

Netflix for free: 10 series and movies that we can now watch openly

But what kind of series and movies are these? The truth is that it is surprising, because if you expected to see popular or irrelevant productions, you are going to take a good reality bath. Here Netflix has put all the meat on the grill, betting heavily on some of its biggest flagships such as the series of Stranger Things, Elite and movies like Bird Box (Blindly).

In total, these are the 10 pieces of content that the company has made available to the public in the open:

  • Stranger things
  • Criminals at sea
  • Elite
  • Boss baby
  • Blindly
  • This is how they see us
  • Love is blind
  • The two popes
  • Our planet
  • Grace and frankie

Note: in the case of the series, only the first chapter is included. Eye!

To be able to access we just have to open the browser and enter // It's that simple and straightforward. The idea is that these free series and movies rotate, thus finding us with titles that come out and new ones that enter the list from one week to the next.

All this content is accessible both from the computer and from Android phones, although iPhone does not seem to be compatible with this new function.

The 30-day free trial is back on Netflix Spain

This is the Netflix welcome page that we can find right now. Free trials are back!

But this is not all, since Netflix also you have recovered your free trial periods. It seems that the company is testing with different offers, offering in some cases 7 days free, 14 days free, the first month for 0.99 euros or even 30 days of free subscription. For example, we just entered this morning and we see that at the moment we can subscribe and get a whole month of free trial.

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