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Let's start by being honest: my knowledge about Photoshop they are very basic. I've been using the Adobe editor since I was a dabbler, but I've never scratched 10% of what a powerful tool like this can do.

I am one of those who started using MS Paint when there was practically nothing else, and since then I have become a master of Paint (can someone bring me the cork crown, please), although when I need something more elaborate shot of Krita or from online publishers like Pixlr. They are full of utilities and their learning curve is the most manageable for the average user, yes, but why not get out of our comfort zone and learn how to get the most out of the happy Photoshop once and for all? Let's find solutions!

31 free online courses on Photoshop in Spanish

If you find yourself in a similar situation to mine and you want to start putting a bit of cane into the most complete and versatile photo editor on the market, you cannot miss the post we bring today. Below, we have collected some thirty online training courses in Photoshop that are highly recommended for those who want to start developing their art through this platform.

All the courses are 100% free and are mainly aimed at acquiring basic knowledge: learning to make photomontages, photo retouching or more specific things such as creating thumbnails for YouTube, removing wrinkles from a selfie, removing the background of an image or techniques focused on the architecture.

Photomontages with Photoshop
Photoshop CC Master: Learn by creating incredible photomontages
Professional Retouching Course In Photoshop
Photoshop: a tool for innovative presentations
Photo retouching course
Photoshop course, COMPLETE AND FREE (17 videos)
How to remove the background from a photo
Learn Photoshop, Tips and Ideas
Creating YouTube Thumbnails in Photoshop CC
Updated Photoshop: The Art of Photo Editing
Photo Effects with CSS3
Photoshop CC For Architecture Course
Professional logo with Photoshop CC 2019
First Steps with Photoshop CC
Photoshop CS6 Introductory - Free Course
Photoshop CC Basic Course (33 videos)
Photoshop CC tools for beginners
Learn to improve images and remove wrinkles with Photoshop
Photoshop CS6 basic course from scratch
Adobe Photoshop for beginners
AutoCAD + PhotoShop-Module 6
Photoshop CC 2019 course (more than 6 hours in video)
Techniques for creating 3D elements for Videogames
Photoshop for Architecture: Sketch Effect
How to make dispersion effect with Photoshop
Photoshop course (15 videos)
Learn how to use Photoshop CS4
Create a text with Lights using Cinema 4D and Photoshop
Total Photoshop CC 2018 Guide (79 videos)
Learn the Photoshop CC Tools step by step

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