The 8 best remote controls and controls for your Android TV Box

One of the biggest obstacles that we find in a TV Box are the controls. Most Android apps, no matter how much someone says otherwise, are intended to be used on a touch screen. Therefore, navigation with the classic remote control is a bit short and ends up not being practical.

In today's post, we will see a few remote controls or controllers that will help us improve the user experience in a Android TV Box. Controls with integrated keyboard, touchpads, air mouses and other accessories to make a qualitative leap in terms of navigation.

The best remote control devices for an Android TV Box

Several TV Boxes have passed through my hands, and it has been clear to me for a long time. Golden Rule: "Virtually any alternative control is more functional than the one that usually comes standard with the box”. These are some of the best remote controls or remote control that we can find for Android TV Box Today. We started!

iPazzPort I8

The downside of using an ordinary TV remote is that YouTube or Google searches are very tedious. We are obliged to use the virtual keyboard, and typing a word or phrase in this way takes a long time.

With the iPazzPort l8, a remote controller with touchpad, keyboard and directional paddles, we greatly facilitate navigation. It communicates with the TV Box through a USB receiver, it has backlight and a 800mAh rechargeable battery. It is also compatible with mobiles, tablets and PC. A classic. Price: € 8.82, about $ 10.59 to change. | See product

Rikomagic RKM MK705 3 in 1

This air mouse has 2 "faces". At the top we find the classic navigation buttons, and if we turn it around, we will see a beautiful keyboard to search and type much faster. Like the iPazzPort, it uses a USB receiver. Compact and practical. Price: € 16.47, $ 19.76 to change. | See product

8Bitdo NES 30 PRO

If we want to use the TV Box to play emulators and classic games we need a good gamepad. The 8Bitdo NES 30 PRO is a Bluetooth controller with a retro design and a truly exceptional finish. It syncs easily and the buttons have a very good touch. Although it does not have a keyboard, it helps remarkably when navigating and using other typical TV Box apps. It is the controller that I use when I want to play some games on the NES emulator on the TV in the living room. Price: 35.20 euros on Amazon | See product


An air mouse or air mouse with excellent value for money. One of the best-selling remote controls for Android TV Box from Amazon. It works on batteries and with a USB receiver that we must place in the TV Box, with a range of about 10 meters. Price: 9.99 euros | See product

Mini Mouse A120

Air mouse whose peculiarity is its curious wood-colored finish. It has 2 sides, with the classic QWERTY keyboard on the back. 350mAh USB rechargeable battery, it is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS and uses a USB receiver to communicate via 2.4G wireless signal. Price: € 10.43, about $ 12.52. | See product

EMISH 2.4GHz Air Mouse

2-sided remote control, keyboard and backlight. It's a slim, lightweight controller with a rechargeable battery and good button press. Highly rated by the Amazon user community. Rechargeable battery, works by 2.4G wireless connection. Price: 15.99 euros | See product

Viboton Mini

2.4G wireless keyboard whose peculiarity is the joystick that comes to replace the classic 6-axis crosshead or pad. It can be an interesting combination both for writing and browsing and for playing an occasional game. It works on batteries - something that can be positive or negative, depends on how you look at it. Price: € 8.28, $ 9.94 to change | See product

Zidoo V6

We end up with the Zidoo V6, a remote control with an elegant design and finish like few others. It has 2 faces with its corresponding QWERTY keyboard, gyroscope and rechargeable 500mAh battery. Use USB receiver to connect via 2.4G wireless network. Price: 24.17 euros, $ 29 to change. | See product

And what do you think? What type of remote control would you recommend to use with an Android TV Box?

Note: These are the prices available on the Amazon and GearBest websites at the time of writing the article (January 24, 2018). The price at later dates may vary.

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