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Set up an iCloud account on Android it is possible, yes. Although Android and iOS are considered adversaries at the market level, there is nothing that prevents you from setting up the iCloud email account on an Android phone. Today, we explain how to add or synchronize an iCloud account on an Android mobile. We started!

How to set up an iCloud account on Android

Android has countless email clients for its platform, such as Outlook, Aquamail and many other apps (you can see an interesting list of the best email apps HERE). However, all terminals include a mail application called simply "Mail”, Which is the one we will use to carry out today's tutorial.

Add an iCloud email account

Although Android needs a Gmail account for almost everything, Google also allows us to add email accounts from other domains in our terminal. It would be more! In the case of Apple or iCloud accounts, we must follow the following steps:

  • We open the generic Android app for email management called "Mail”.
  • If it is the first account that we configure in the mail app, it will ask us to add the email address and password. If we already had another account configured, we will click on "Add”To add our iCloud account.
  • Once the email and the access password have been entered, we will select "Manual settings”.
  • Now we will configure an IMAP type account. To do this we will manually add the incoming and outgoing mail server data.
  • In the incoming server data we will indicate that the mail server is ""(Without quotes), in required SSL we indicate that"YES"And we introduce the port"993”.
  • In the field of Username We must indicate our email account, but without the domain (that is, only what goes before the @). For example, if our iCloud account is [email protected], the username will be happy elandroid. Next, we will also enter the password assigned to our iCloud account.

  • In the data of the outgoing server we will indicate that the mail server is ""(Without quotes), in required SSL we indicate that"YES"And we introduce the port"587”. We will also activate the option "SMTP authentication required”.
  • To finish, we will re-enter our full iCloud email address ([email protected]) and its corresponding access password.

If during the account setup we get an error message we will try replacing SSL authentication with TLS in the incoming mail server settings.

In the case of outgoing mail, if the SSL gives us an error, we will change it to TLS or STARTTLS, as it appears in the image below.

If it gives us an error, we will change the SSL to TLS or STARTTLS

Of course, we can also use any other email app as we mentioned at the beginning. By adding the data that we have just indicated, we should be able to configure an iCloud IMAP or SMTP account in the same way.

Synchronize iCloud Contacts on Android

Another thing that we will probably want to do if we are migrating from iPhone to Android is to recover the contacts that we have stored in our iCloud account. In this case, to carry out the synchronization we will use an app to take care of it.

We can use the app Sync for iCloud Contacts. Once the configuration steps have been followed, we can use our contacts on Android for free. There are also other applications such as Sync Cloud Contacts on Android that will help us to synchronize the contacts associated with our iCloud account.

Download QR-Code Sync for iCloud Contacts Developer: Price: Free Download QR-Code Synchronize Cloud Contacts Developer: Tai Tran Price: Free

Synchronize iCloud calendar on Android

Now we only have to synchronize the calendar that we had on our old iPhone or iPad with our new Android device. If in the previous step we installed the Sync Cloud Contacts on Android app: good news. This app will also help us to synchronize our iCloud calendar.

If during the synchronization process you ask for any information, the calendar server will be "" (without quotation marks). It is also recommended enable SSL during its configuration.

As you can see, making the leap from Apple to Android is not very complicated, but it requires spending a few minutes configuring this type of thing. It can be a bit cumbersome, but once we have achieved our goal, the rest is sewing and singing.

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