Tronsmart Mega in review, powerful 40W Bluetooth speaker with TWS

I just updated my home stereo with some new Bluetooth speakers. He came from using the iLuv Syren, a small speaker that, being wireless, was moving from one room to another without many complications. However, I needed something with more power, and a bit more sound quality. I've been with him for almost a week Tronsmart Element Mega, and the truth is that the improvement has been substantial.

Now I'm tinkering with the Tronsmart Element Pixie, the company's new flagship speakers, which together add up to 30W thanks to TWS (True Wireless Stereo). But we will talk about the Pixies in the VS comparison that I will publish next week, where we will see all the pros and cons regarding the Mega model.

Tronsmart Element Mega: in-depth analysis

In general, we are facing a device that includes some important news. Although its greatest virtue and the one that attracts the most attention at first glance, is its great sound power -40W is not a small thing to say-, it should be noted that the bass is much more balanced than in previous models, delivering a much more sound. compacted.

Design and finish

The first thing we notice when having an Element Mega in our hands is that it has a consistent weight. The design lines are smooth and the materials denote quality in the workmanship. In the upper part of the loudspeaker the controls of the device are incorporated, backlit, which are controlled in a tactile way thanks to the Sensitive Touch technology on its surface.

The touch screen lights up when the Mega is on.

There is always some fear with this type of panel (hyper / infra-sensitivity), but the truth is that during these days it has not caused problems of any kind. Practical, easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

Playback modes / Connectivity

One of the great novelties of the Tronsmart Mega is the inclusion of a micro SD card slot. Something that is a detail to not run out of music at any time.

Also offers TWS connectivity, allowing synchronization in stereo mode if we have another Tronsmart Mega next to it. Taking into account that we are talking about a 40W speaker, in TWS mode we would be reproducing up to a maximum of 80 watts of power. A real madness.

Otherwise, it has a connection Bluetooth 4.2., NFC and 3.5mm auxiliary input for minijack, which is always appreciated if we have old MP3 players, cassettes and the like.

The micro SD slider is quite a hoot.

Sound quality

Let's get to the important thing. How does this Tronsmart Element Mega sound? I'd say the key word is "controlled power." It has a very good bass balance, which means that we can raise the volume to very high limits without noticing any resentment in the quality of the sound.

In closed rooms and rooms, it achieves really warm sounds in this way. Very good for listening to live and acoustic records.

Good bass and treble management can be verified by listening to certain songs, such as “A New Error"Of Moderat or the"Army of Me”By Björk. If we raise the volume to a considerable level and the bass / treble can be heard perfectly, a sign that we are dealing with a quality speaker.

For technical purposes, this translates to a Qualcomm ATS2825 sound chip, 28 dual driver cores, 2 x 40W subwoofer drivers, and a 4Ω 20W / 53mm driver unit. In total, it offers a transmission range greater than 20 meters in open field. It is compatible with all types of devices such as PC, Android, iPhone etc.

Superhuman Power: Spiderman, Hulk Hogan, and the Mega Tronsmart.

Battery duration

As we said, this is a consistent device - it weighs 660 grams-, and thanks to this it can house a long-lasting battery of 6600mAh in total. The manufacturer says it offers up to 15 hours of playback.

To be honest, I have not calculated it exactly, but it is true that it lasts many days of moderate use without any recharging. In this sense, it is another aspect to highlight of this interesting wireless speaker.

Value for money

At the time of writing this review, the Tronsmart Mega It has a price on Amazon of 47.99 euros. A price that makes up for the device's premium finish and power rarely seen in a Bluetooth wireless speaker.

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In every way, this is an outstanding portable sound device. The touch panel works well and gives it a modern touch, the sound quality is above average and it includes a convenient slot to play music, podcasts or whatever we want from a micro SD.

Its long battery makes it a remarkable option to take it on a trip and its price conforms to what we can expect from a 193 mm x 57 mm x 82 mm speaker capable of reaching 40 watts of power. Highly recommended.

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