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The day that many pro football fans were waiting for has already arrived. After an announcement at the beginning of the month where we could already sign up for the pre-registration of the new Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 in its version for Android, today is the day its launch becomes official: PES 2017 is now available to download on the Google Play Store for free.

Download QR-Code eFootball PES 2020 Developer: KONAMI Price: Free

Free-to-play and mobile optimized controls

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is a free-to-play game with purchases in-app, focused on football management and in which we can play intense matches, replacing the classic gamepad or keyboard of our PC with finger swipes for passes, and touches for kicks and special moves(although we will also have the classic virtual controls type "crosshead").

PES 2017 uses an adapted version of the graphics engine Fox Engine to achieve a powerful and three-dimensional visual appearance, as close as possible to the tabletop version of this football classic.

Transfers and special events

The Pro Evolution Soccer Launch Campaign includes scouts and special agents. Thanks to the events known as β€œGreat finishers”, We will be able to sign players of the stature of Messi, Luis Suarez or Neymar. From here we will only have to form our team and play matches online or against the game's AI to participate in special events such as the β€œStep Up Challenge”And receive prizes and bonuses.

The PES 2017 launch campaign will last until August 23, during which time we will be able to get silver level players belonging to clubs such as Liverpool FC, Borussia de Dormunt or FC Barcelona.

A game that stands out in the internal memory

We are facing a AAA game that, like most games of this type, requires a good amount of free space on our Android terminal, 1.31GB only for the initial download. Important fact to keep in mind.

I have to admit that in the more than 15 years that I have known the Pro I have never managed to win a single match against any of my friends: I am a care package! It will be necessary to see if in this new version of the mythical game I can have a little more luck (after all, the controls are much simpler).

Have you already tried the new mobile version of this football classic? What do you think of the jump from PES to Android?

PS: First 2 minutes of play and I have already managed to connect the first to Barcelona. Meh!

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