Can we REALLY know who visits our Facebook profile?

Surely you have ever wondered. Is there any way to know who visits our personal Facebook profile? The truth is that it is a very juicy piece of information, since if we have a public profile on Facebook, anyone can access it and see our photos and any other personal information that we post there. But we already knew that when we signed up for Facebook, right?

Who visits my profile? Taking a look at the Facebook code: InitialChatFriendsList

One of the tricks that has spread the most on the Internet is to check the code of the Facebook page itself from the browser. The trick consists of the following:

  • We enter Facebook from the browser of our PC and we make sure that we have the session started.
  • We click with the right mouse button and select "To inspect"Or we press the F12 key.
  • Next, we press "Ctrl + F”And we wroteFriendsList.
  • This search will take us to a line of code where we will see listings lots of numbers that end in "-2".

  • We take any of these numbers and paste it into the browser, with the Facebook URL in front, and we remove the -2 from the end. For example, if we have the code 10002334423-2, in the browser we will load the page //

In this way, we will be loaded with the profiles of the users who IN THEORY have recently visited our profile. What is the problem? Everything indicates that these are not the users who have actually visited our profile, or at least not all.

Putting the method to the test

In a lot of Internet sites they indicate that this is an infallible method to know who visits our Facebook profile, but what it would really be showing us are users who are already our friends, and who have interacted with us the most ("Like", tags, comments etc.). These are the data that Facebook uses to decide the hierarchy of users that appear in the side chat of the social network.

In these cases it is best to do a test on our own meats and see the results. In my case, I have reviewed some users and I see the following:

  • All users displayed in the code are friends of mine on Facebook.
  • Some of these users they have not shown any interaction with my profile through comments, I like you, no tags, BUT they have recently connected to Facebook as I can read in the last connection shown in the side chat.

Suspicious. Everything points to what these users are somehow related to Facebook chat, but from there to say that they are the last users who have visited my profile ...

Finally, there are a couple of users who have not interacted with me in any way, but they also share a common link with the rest of the users on the list: they are part of my circle of friends.

The personal conclusion that I draw from all this is that the list of users that we can obtain with this method is a compendium of:

  • Friends who have visited my profile recently but they haven't interacted with me.
  • Friends who they have interacted with me somehow on Facebook.
  • Friends who have recently connected to Facebook.

With these data, the truth is that it is very risky to say that all those people have visited my profile. But neither I can confirm it and Facebook is not going to provide us with that information.

Facebook Flat, the extension for Chrome that promises us gold and moor

Besides this little trick, there are a lot of tools that promise to find out who has visited our Facebook profile. One of the most popular is Facebook Flat, an extension for the Chrome browser that shows us who has visited our Facebook profile.

Fast answer? It just doesn't work. Do not install it.

Don't waste your time with Facebook Flat!

Beware of third-party apps and extensions

As for the rest of third-party applications, extensions and services that claim to be able to tell us who has visited our Facebook profile, do not waste a moment with them. Not only do they not work, but they also they are the perfect gateway to infect us with malware, viruses and all kinds of harmful actions for our team.

In statements made by the same Facebook «»Most of these third-party applications, with which Facebook does not cooperate in any way, hide spam or viruses and put confidential user information at risk«.

If we want to know who has visited our Facebook profile, for now we can only hope that Mark Zuckerberg's own company will jump into the pool and include this functionality in future Facebook updates. Something that does not seem to happen, at least in the very near future.

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