Plex launches a new free TV service with more than 80 channels

If you don't have enough with DTT or online TV channels via IPTV, now you have a new source of free online content thanks to Plex. The well-known multimedia player, now converted into a kind of streaming platform, has just expanded its functionalities by offering free access to more than 80 live TV channels. A service that is available both for users with an account on the platform and for non-registered users.

The new live TV service has channels of varied content, from news, through movies, music, classic television series, comedy, video games, entertainment, children's channels, anime, esports and more.

Unlike most free streaming platforms that currently work, where they are usually only accessible from the US, Plex broadcasts are international in scope. This means that although there will be some channels that cannot be seen in all countries due to broadcasting rights, around 80% will be available. In the case of Spain, for example, 69 TV channels can already be tuned in, which represents practically the entire current Plex catalog.

List of available channels

The list of live broadcasts already running on Plex includes channels such as Reuters TV, Yahoo Finance, Toon Goggles, Kidoodle TV, KidsFlix, fubo Sports Network, Cooking Panda, DrinkTV, IGN TV, AFV Family, Tastemade, Revry, FailArmy, Dove Channel, Docurama, The Pet Collective, WeatherSpy, Made in Hollywood and an extensive etcetera.

Also included are themed channels such as The Bob Ross Channel, Deal or No Deal, Law & Crime, Game Show Central, Retro Crush, Gravitas Movies, and more. Likewise, we also find channels dedicated exclusively to the broadcast of music videos such as Hip Hop Bangers, Electro Anthems or That’s Hot, among others. None of these are premium or well-known channels, but they undoubtedly offer a generous and most interesting volume of content, with some broadcasts that will undoubtedly attract the attention of more than one.

How to Get Access to Plex Live TV Channels

Plex's live TV service is available through the Plex side menu, by clicking on the option “live TV”. This will cause the programming menu to be displayed, where we will be able to see the content that is being broadcast at the moment, as well as the programs for the rest of the day. To play any of them, we just have to click on the first program in the list of each channel.

It should be remembered that although this new online television function is available from the Plex app, it is not even necessary to install the application since the service is also available without registration and completely free of charge. via web from the browser.

Download QR-Code Plex: Stream Free Movies, Shows, Live TV & more Developer: Plex, Inc. Price: Free

In this way, Plex expands its streaming content catalog, where it already offers movies and TV series on demand for free, financed by advertising, from the "Movies and TV" section in the main menu of the application. Currently, there are not many platforms that offer a similar service, free and legally at an international level, which places Plex not as an excellent multimedia player for our local library, but as an entire online entertainment platform of the most interesting and versatile.

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