How to play PS4 games on Android with Remote Play

A few days ago we took a look at how we can give some vices to our Steam (PC) games on Android thanks to Steam Link. Well, this Friday we are going to do the same with the PlayStation 4, and is that as a result of the latest firmware update deployed by Sony, our PS4 can now be cast to any Android mobile or tablet. Let's see how it works!

How to connect a PS4 to an Android device with the “Remote Play” function

Remote Play is a utility that has been on the market for some time, but until now it was an exclusive function of Sony Xperia phones and iPhones. The good news is that thanks to PS4 firmware version 7.0 deployed as an update just a week ago we can now use Remote Play from any Android device.

The only requirement to be able to run the remote game is that we have the updated console and that we have a terminal with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. From here, the steps to follow to link our mobile with the console would be the following.

  • Install on your phone the application "PS4 Remote Play" available in the Google Play Store HERE.
  • Make sure you have firmware version 7.0 (or higher) installed on your PS4. You can check the version you currently have by navigating to “Settings -> System -> System Information”. If you have a lower version go to “Settings -> System software update”And update your console.
  • Make sure that both the PlayStation 4 and the mobile or tablet are connected to the same WiFi network.

Settings on PS4

Now that we have everything in place, we will make the following adjustments in the configuration of the console.

  • We came in "Settings -> Remote Play connection settings”And we check that the tab“Activate remote play”Is checked.
  • Optionally, we can also go to "Settings -> Power saving settings -> Set functions available in sleep mode"And activate the tabs"Stay connected to the Internet" and "Enable PS4 Power On From Network”. With this we make sure that the console does not cut streaming if it goes into sleep mode, and it will also allow us to turn on the PS4 with the Remote Play app if we wish.

Settings on mobile

Regarding the Android device from where we are going to play, everything consists of configuring the Remote Play app.

  • We open the application and click on the button "Start”. The system will automatically ask us to enter the username and password of our PlayStation account, and will try to establish a connection with the PS4. Remember that it is essential that both devices are connected to the same WiFi.

  • If everything went well, we won't have to do anything else. The console will stream the screen of the PS4 and we can see and control it directly from the mobile with a virtual gamepad.

It should be mentioned that the Remote Play app also allows connect a Dual Shock controller to make the experience much more satisfactory, but for now it is something that is only available for devices with Android 10.

Problems establishing the connection between Android and PS4?

If the mobile does not detect the PS4 automatically, we also have the possibility to link both devices manually. To do this, from the PS4 we go to "Settings -> Remote Play connection settings"And select"Add device”. The system will display an 8-digit code on the screen.

Next, we go to the Remote Play app on Android and when doing the search, we select the option "Register manually”. Here we enter the 8 digits that the PS4 shows us and we give “to register”. Ready!

Gaming experience

For the development of this tutorial we have tested games like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Blasphemous and Horizon Chase. The truth is that I was surprised by the quality of the streaming, and although there is a bit of lag (in some games more than in others, and in some moments more than in others) the overall experience is good. It is still a personal feeling, but I think the result is far superior to what Steam Link currently offers.

Another important detail is the use of the virtual gamepad. The application allows us to put the mobile in a vertical or landscape arrangement and the truth is that neither convinces me too much. If we put it vertically the screen is very small, but if we put it horizontally some games become complicated to handle due to the location of the L and R buttons. I have tried using an analog controller by linking a Bluetooth gamepad to the phone, but This does not work within the Remote Play app, so in that sense we can only wait to update our mobile to Android 10 to be able to connect a Dual Shock natively.

For the rest, it seems to me a great application bomb, since it allows us to transfer the games from the television to the mobile in a frankly practical way, and although there are still some things to be polished, it is a very hopeful first step to see where they could go the shots in a couple of years as far as multiplatform systems are concerned.

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