Wallpapers for Android of NASA space images

Today is a special space day. I want to change my mobile wallpaper. The bad thing about wallpapers for Android is that they have to be a certain size, and many people (I was the first) have a real struggle to get one that fits their smartphone. After doing some research, I discovered that for an Android wallpaper to fit correctly it must have dimensions of «Length X2 x Height»Where the length and height correspond to the resolution pixels of each device (if your mobile phone has a very high resolution, you can make a scaled version to avoid having to put an image too large).

Knowing this, I have rummaged through the closet of NASA archives and I have given "Android format" to the ones that I liked the most. How sharing is living, here are some real NASA images so that you can use them as Wallpapers for Android and give your mobile a lively look.

All images have a resolution of 1440 × 1280.

If your smartphone does not have a "scrollable" background at the end of the post I also leave a link to download all the photos in 720 × 1280 format and also in 1440 × 1280. If people like it I'll hang more in the future;) (leave a comment and I'll give it to you)

The famous Horsehead nebula or "Horsehead" and its ghostly appearance captured by the Spitzer space telescope

Thunderstorm at Saturn's North Pole

The Earth, the Moon and the rings of Saturn captured in the same image collected by the Cassini probe

The tip of the galaxy 'wing' of the Small Magellanic Cloud

The famous Crab Nebula, the iconic remains of a supernova

Unusual group of galaxies located 10 billion light years from Earth, as massive as 500 trillion suns

Tethys, the 5th largest satellite of Saturn due to a game of perspectives, trapped between the A and F rings of Saturn

Newborn stars peeking through their natal dust blanket, captured by the Spitzer space telescope

The Helix nebula or «Helix nebula» usually photographed by amateur astronomers due to its resemblance to a giant eye (image captured by infrared)

Group of young stars, which are expected to shine for billions of years

Wallpapers for Android with «single window» format

Here you have in ZIP format all the compressed images to download from MediaFire. Available in both 720 x 1280 (single window) and 1440 x 1280 (3 windows) formats.

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