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Android has several tools that allow us to have free wifi in our terminal. A while ago we talked about the great Wifi Master Key, and today we bring a very similar app called Osmino, with which we can access 120 million public and private connections even offline.

Osmino's Wi-Fi maps have more than 3,000,000 access points in the United States, 600,000 access points in Mexico or 200,000 access points in Spain, to give just a couple of examples. Perfect for when we go on a trip to another country or we need to find a free connection in any area of ​​our city.

The application is also highly recommended for those users with little technical knowledge, since it is not necessary to enter any password or any other parameters or network settings. Everything is done by pressing a single button, and from there the connection is established automatically. Let's see how it works.

Download QR-Code osmino Free WiFi access points, passwords Developer: TSDC Price: Free

How to connect to free Wi-Fi networks in Spain, Mexico, USA and other countries with the Osmino app

In total, the Osmino tool offers free connection maps for more than 150 countries. Once the application is installed, the procedure to follow is always the same.

  • If it is the first time that we enter the application, the system will ask us to accept the privacy terms.
  • Next, we will see a message requesting access to the device's GPS location. Grant the permissions so that the application can show us the closest access points according to our location.
  • The application will also ask us for access to the multimedia files of the device, although in this case, we can deny access as it is not a strictly necessary requirement to carry out searches and connection sweeps. Although we must activate it if we want to download and use offline maps.
  • Once inside the application, we will see a map with all the available access points. If we slide our finger from the bottom up, we will be shown a list of all the free Wi-Fi available.
  • For each of these networks, we are told if it is an open or private network, the name of the Wi-Fi network, the distance it is from us and user opinions (if any).
  • When we are within range of the network, just select it for the Osmino app to establish the connection automatically.

In addition to this, next to each available wifi we will find a button on the right side, right at the bottom of the map, where we can press and Google Maps will automatically open with the route to reach that location. The truth is that it can't be easier.

If we want to download a map to be able to consult it without having an active data connection, we can also do it from the icon with the map drawing that we will see in the upper right area of ​​the screen. For the rest, in the left side menu Osmino also offers us the possibility of filtering the Wi-Fi points according to the opinions collected or if they are verified access points.

When we connect to unknown wifis it is advisable to always use an extra layer of protection. Therefore, as a personal recommendation, I would encourage you to use a VPN app to maintain privacy by encrypting your mobile traffic. For this you can take a look at the post of "The best free VPN services of 2020" or install an application like WARP which is great for this type of situation.

Generally speaking, a most usable and enjoyable app, although it has ads (not too invasive, but ads after all). Advertising that we can get rid of, yes, by going to the premium version of the application, which is available for € 0.99 per month. A price that can be very affordable in case we are going to give the application a recurring use. Do not lose sight of it!

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