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In today's post I want to talk about a topic that has ever crossed our minds. "What do I do with my old mobile, I sell it? ”. We change smartphones faster and faster, and as soon as we realize we find one, and sometimes up to two mobiles in the drawer, kneading dust.

In my case, I had a very cool and well cared for Yotaphone that I hardly used anymore except to listen to music, and I was encouraged to sell it through Cash Converters, and the truth is that I could not leave more satisfied with all this little bustle.

Selling a mobile through Cash Converters couldn't be more practical

This time I have decided on Cash Converters because on previous occasions I have used mainly to opt for Wallapop (and occasionally with Vibbo), and I wanted something different that would prevent me from dealing directly with individuals. I have already had my pluses and minuses with some buyers and this time I was going through rolls, last minute haggling and the like.

Physical store or directly from home

I recently learned that from the Cash Converters Express Sale website you can get a direct appraisal of your mobile. My initial idea was to see if they would give me a good price, and in that case, since they have a store here in Donosti, I would drop by and take the smartphone to them. They have more than 80 physical stores spread throughout Spain, and the truth is that to a certain extent it is something that gives you a lot of security when it comes to selling objects of a certain value, such as a mobile phone.

The sales process

After consulting the online appraisal and seeing how simple (and above all comfortable) it is to sell through the web, I decided to carry out the entire sales process from home and thus avoid going through the store. The process is the following:

  • You sign up for Express Sale and upload a photo with mobile phone details.
  • In 5 minutes you receive a immediate appraisal on your phone.
  • If you accept the offer They send you a courier to pick up the item totally free, and if everything is ok in less than 24 hours they will make the deposit.

To give you an idea, I had my Yotaphone appraised on a Tuesday, and by Friday at noon I had already made the payment. And all without leaving home!

Advantages over other alternatives

I think that the best thing about the whole experience, apart from being able to deal directly with professionals (which is appreciated especially when it comes to pre-owned or used items, people can get very quarrelsome), is having discovered the sale page on-line.

Being able to do an initial appraisal before even registering is a detail, and both the collection and the speed when making the payment are more than satisfactory. If we opt for the sale in a physical store, the payment is immediate, but if we don't mind waiting a couple of days, doing all the management from home is comfortable at best.

How much can I sell my smartphone for?

In general, and if the mobile is in good condition, we can get a fairly good purchase price. To give you an idea, a Samsung Galaxy S7 that is now around 400-450 euros, if we take good care of it we can get about 240 euros for it.

You have to think that Cash Converters then you have to sell that mobile at an adjusted price, either in one of its physical stores, on eBay or in its webshop, so the appraisal will always be something close to half or a little less than its original price. Which, on the other hand, is not bad at all.

In short, an easy, fair and comfortable way to get rid of our old mobile and get some fresh money along the way.

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