TDTChannels, the best app to watch DTT for free (+300 channels)

To be able to see the DTT channels live from the mobile or through a TV Box is a function that most Android users look for. Until now, we had several options, being the Open Source project of TDTChannels one of the most popular. Especially for those who use KODI to watch TV from their device.

Although KODI is not the only platform from where we can take advantage of the benefits of this great project. From now on, TDTChannels will also be officially available in app format on the Google Play Store.

TDTChannels, the best application dedicated to watching Spanish DTT on Android

Those who have already tried this app in the past (when it was available via an APK) already know what TDTChannels is all about. Due to the open nature of the project, the developers present the application in an environment free of advertising and 100% free, this being his great asset. If we have tried other similar apps, we will have noticed the high degree of ads that they usually incorporate. The difference in this regard is simply abysmal, and quite a relief for the user.

Radio and television all in one

The TDTChannels app allows you to watch online and live all the television channels that broadcast open-air in Spain, both national, regional and local. To give us an idea, we have from the typical Antena 3 or Tele5, through ETB, Canal Sur, Intereconomía, DMAX or Marbella TV. Total, about 300 TV channels.

But that's not all, since the application also allows us to listen to the radio through the Internet, with hundreds of Spanish stations at our disposal.

Download QR-Code TDTChannels Developer: MarcLaQuay Price: Free

How TDTChannels works

The operation is the most basic that we can imagine. On the one hand, we have a tab with available TV channels and another for radio stations. To watch a television channel, just click on the tab of the channel in question, and there we will find 2 playback options.

  • A link to open the replay on the official website of the TV channel (from the browser).
  • Another link that allows us to open the live broadcast in native player from the TDTChannels app.

And there is not much else. Click on the link in question and the app will automatically load the IPTV signal that the chain broadcasts openly over the Internet. All this without advertising of any kind and a stability and fluidity of the most satisfactory.

List of free-to-air regional, local and international TV channels available on TDTChannels

The selection of regional channels that we will be able to see openly from TDTChannels is around 300. Attention, because the list is really impressive.

Regional TV channels

  • Andalusia: Canal Sur Andalucía HD, Canal Sur 2 HD, Andalusia TV HD, Canal Andalucía Turismo HD, Canal Andalucía Flamenco, Canal Andalucía Cocina, Canal Sur La Banda, Canal Sur Eventos 1 HD, Canal Sur Eventos 2 HD, 7TV Andalucía.
  • Aragon: Aragon TV.
  • Asturias: TPA7, TPA8, TPA9, TeleAsturias, EsAsturiasTV.
  • Canary Islands: Canary TV, Watch me TV, Loca TV.
  • Cantabria: Cantabria TV, Popular TV Cantabria.
  • Castilla Lastain: CMM.
  • Castile and Leon: The 7 HD, The 8.
  • Catalonia: TV3, 3/24, 33, Esport 3, Super3, CCMA Exclusiu 1, CCMA Exclusiu 2, Bon Dia TV, TV Cámeres, La 1 Catalunya, La 2 Catalunya, 24h Catalunya, 8tv, Canal Parlament.
  • Ceuta: Ceuta TV, RTVCE HD.
  • Estremadura: Extremadura Channel.
  • Galicia: TVG, TVG 2 HD, TVG Children, TVG Musigal HD, TVG Culture HD, TVG Moments G, TVG Event 1 HD, TVG Event 2 HD, TVG Event 3 HD and TVG Event 4 HD.
  • Balearic Islands: IB3, Bon Dia TV, Fibwi HD.
  • The Rioja: TV Rioja, Popular TV La Rioja.
  • Madrid: Telemadrid, LaOtra, Webcam OndaMadrid, TN in Sign Language.
  • Melilla: 7 RM, TV Murciana, Popular TV Murcia, Channel 8 Murcia.
  • Navarre: Navarra TV, Navarra TV 2.
  • Basque Country: ETB 1 HD, ETB 2 HD, ETB 3, ETB 4.
  • Valencia: A Punt HD, La 8 Mediterraneo HD.

Local TV channels


101TV Málaga, Onda Cádiz, 8 Cádiz, 8 La Janda, Huelva TV, Canal 45 TV, Lebrija TV, Onda Algeciras TV, Teleonuba, CanalCosta, El Correo de Andalucía, Interalmería HD, Marbella TV, OndaJaenTV, Estepona TV, Costa del Sol TV, Fuengirola TV, Canal Málaga, Mijas Comunicación, PTV Córdoba HD, PTV Málaga HD, Cancionero TV, Costa Noroeste TV, More TV Huelva, Televisión Carmona, Onda Jerez TV, Uvitel TV, Canal Doñana, Málaga 24h News TV, Elite Network , TeleAntequera, TV Tarifa, Écija Comarca TV, TG7, More Jerez, 7TV Andalusia - Almería, 7TV Andalusia - Cádiz, 7TV Andalusia - Algeciras, 7TV Andalusia - Bahía, 7TV Andalusia - Córdoba, 7TV Andalusia - Northwest Coast, 7TV Andalusia - Granada , 7TV Andalusia - Huelva, 7TV Andalusia - Jaén, 7TV Andalusia - Jerez, 7TV Andalusia - Marbella, 7TV Andalusia - Malaga, 7TV Andalusia - Seville, Channel 28 TV, YaTV, Municipal Television of Córdoba, Onda Mezquita TV, TV Centro Andalucía, Granada Channel, TeleMotril, Condavisión HD, ESNE TV Diez TV, Alternativa TV , 9 La Loma, LaSierra TV, Torrevisión, Axarquía TV, Axarquía Plus TV, Ronda TV, Axartel TV, VillaFranca TV, Telécija, Canal Coín, M95 Marbella, Torremolinos Televisión, Canal San Roque, Canal Bom, Indalo Channel, Jerez TV, Canal Sierra de Cádiz, Telequivir.


Huesca TV, Channel 25 Barbastro TV, La Tele TV, Channel 44,, Calamocha TV, Ejea TV, Fraga TV, 15TV.


Channel 10 HD, ORT.

Canary Islands

El Día TV, Lancelot TV, Canal 4 Tenerife, Tindaya TV, Canal 4 TV, Biosfera TV, Este Canal TV, Canal 13 Digital, Gigante TV, Mi Tierra Televisión, Televisión Mogán, Fuerteventura TV, Channel 8 TIC, Gran Canaria Television, Channel 10 TV, Tenerife 2030 HD TV, Channel 11 Television.

Castilla la Mancha

Hellín TV, TeleToledo, Imás TV, Alcarria TV, Canal Diocesano Toledo, TV Almansa, InfoCanal TV Almansa, Guada TV, Ciudad Real TV, Vision 6, Channel 4 Mancha Centro HD, TV La Mancha, Televaldepeñas, Tele Taracón, Guadalajara Media, Manzanares10TV, Membrilla TV.

Castile and Leon

Telemedina Channel 9, Channel 54 Burgos, TV Benavente, Telearanda, ViveMiranda Television, Soria TV, Bierzo TV.


betevé, betevé web, betevé xarxes, betevé cámera del temps, El Punt Avui TV, BDN, etv, Mataró TV, Mola TV, Lleida TV, Vallés Visió, TV Girona, El Vendrell RTV, votv, El 9 TV, Canalterrassa, 25 TV, Canal Blau, Mar TV, TAC 12, Canal Terres de l'Ebre, La Xarxa, Empordá TV, TV Sant Cugat, Penedés TV, Canal Reus TV, Canal Taronja Central, Canal Taronja Anoia, Canal Taronja Orona i Moianés, TV Costa Brava, Channel 10 Empordá, Telvisió de Cardedeu, Olot Televisió, TV Hospitalet, Gavá Televisió, TV10, TV Ripollés, TV Berguedá, Tot TV, Balaguer TV, Pirineus TV, Aran Televisió, Channel 21 Ebre, El Segriá TV, Pla d 'Urgell TV, Aué TV, La Noguera TV, La Segarra TV, Les Garrigues TV, L'Urgell TV, RAC105, Banyoles Televisó, Canal Camp,, Maricel TV, TV Vandellós, Sant Andreu Televisió.


ZF Television, ViaPlata TV, Zafra TV, Extremadura Television, Miajadas TV.


Auria Televisión, Via Televisión, Telemiño, TV Ferrol, Channel Rías Baixas, Channel 26 TV Carballiño, Channel Barbanza, Nós TV, Televigo, Hermes TV.

Balearic Islands

TEF, Ibiza Global TV, Lux Mallorca, Channel 4, Inselradio TV.


C33 Madrid HD, Distrito TV, TBN Spain, Life TV, Solidaria TV, 8madrid, Enlace TV, Logos TV, Stop TV Stories, Libertad Digital TV, Pride Channel, Channel 11 TV, Tele-K, Canal Bom.


Channel 1 TV Mar-Menor - Torre Pacheco, Comarcal TV, RTV Vida HD, Enlace TV, Canal Bom, Thader TV.


TeleRibera, Xaloa Telebista, Zona Media TV.

Basque Country

Hamaika TV, TeleBilbao, TeleDonosti, Goiena, Tele 7, Urola Telebista, Erlo Telebista, 28 Kanala HD, Oizmendia Telebista, GITB Goierri Irrati Telebista, Txingudi Telebista.


7 TeleValencia, Levante TV, TeleElx, Intercomarcal TV, Telesafor, TV Vega Baja, Channel 56, TVCS, TV-A, Ribera TV, Bous TV, TV4 La Vall, TeVe4, TV Information, TeleOrihuela, PequeRadio TV, Cetelmon, 12TV, Channel 10 Millions HD, Comarcal Televisió, Alicantí TV, Enlace TV, 8 La Marina TV, MK TV, Une Vionapoló, Manages TV, RTV Vida HD, Elche 7 TV, Canal Bom.

International TV Channels

  • Antena 3 Internacional, Atreseries Internacional, Atrescine, Cincomas, Hola TV, TVE Internacional, Star HD, TV3CAT, ETB SAT Canal Vasco, TVG América, Travel TV HD, Vaughan TV, Miami TV HD, Miami TV Latino HD, Venezolana de Televisión, Franceinfo, Euronews, ABC News HD, CNN, Bloomberg Europe HD, RT HD, DW, CGTN, NASA TV - Public HD, NASA TV - Media HD, NASA TV - ISS Views, NASA TV - HD ISS Views, XITE HD, Hispan TV, m2o, DJing - Live, DJing - Karaoke, DJing - Hits, DJing - Dancefloor, DJing - Underground, DJing - Electro Rock, DJing - Animation, TVGE 1, Deluxe Music.
  • Andorra: ATV HD, Web Channel (ATV) HD.

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