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GBoard (Google) and Swiftkey (Microsoft) are the 2 most popular keyboards that we can find today on Android. Xiaomi is one of those companies that does the same to you a mobile, a TV, a treadmill or a fountain pen (why close doors to anything, right?), And in the case of software it was not going to be different . A couple of months ago the Asian company presented Mint Keyboard, his personal bet to sweep the world of virtual keyboards for android.

Xiaomi's keyboard has a minimalist interface, halfway between material design and the classic “Apple” aesthetic (simple but elegant) that infuses almost all of its products. Let's see what features it incorporates, how it works and if it is really worth it.

This is Mint Keyboard, Xiaomi's alternative to the classic Google GBoard

The first thing that strikes us when installing Mint Keyboard on the mobile is that from the outset, the application recommends us to log in with our Mi Account (Xiaomi user accounts). No problem: the application works just as well without having one of these accounts, although yes, we will not be able to use the custom dictionary, which is still a small slap in the face of the user outside the entire Xiaomi ecosystem and a clear incentive for us to register as users.

As for the functionalities offered by the keyboard itself, we must say that it has several configuration options. On the one hand we have a wide set of themes and wallpapers to customize the keyboard's appearance and make it look its best. What's more, the size of the keys is quite large which can be very useful for those users with stubby fingers or the aim of a squint.

One of its most interesting features is that it has a boosted clipboard that saves all the texts that we have copied during the last hour. Likewise, a utility of quickly answers, something that can help us save a lot of time in certain situations. Without a doubt, the 2 best features of the keyboard at the productivity level.

Within the settings, the application also gives us the possibility to increase the size of the keyboard (in case the standard mode seems too small), adjust the level of aggressiveness of the autocorrector, the vibration or sound of the keys, among others. additional configuration options.

Another of the great attractions of Mint Keyboard are its add-ons for chatting. The keyboard allows us change the font or typeface easily, and has a fairly extensive collection of new stickers, emojis and GIFs.

Mint Keyboard: Privacy and data treatment policy

Text input applications, such as keyboards, are usually quite delicate when it comes to personal information, and that is why, when we analyze any of these applications on the blog, I always like to read their privacy policy.

In this case we find that Mint Keyboard registers and collects a lot of data, such as information about the use we make of certain apps, IDs and usernames of our social networks, as well as statistical information on the use of our Android device (system information, "click events", information about the network to which we are connected, etc.). All this, as long as the legislation in force in our country allows it.

And what does Xiaomi do with this data? Its privacy policy also clarifies that the information collected not sold to third partiesWhich is not much consolation, but at least we know that they are not trading our data for financial gain.

Now, as much as the information stays within the company, the lack of privacy is outrageous. Something that on the other hand should not surprise us excessively, since we are talking about practices that today are the most widespread in the digital world (and do not believe that using another keyboard makes things change too much).

How can I download Mint Keyboard for Android?

If we are still interested in testing the Xiaomi keyboard, we should know that for now it is only operational in India (within version 11 of MIUI), with the English and Hindi languages, so if we do a search on Google Play we will see that it is still not available. In any case, we can install it without problems by downloading the APK file of the application that we attach through the following LINK.

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