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If you have finally decided to take the step and root your phone or tablet, congratulations. A new world of funky and track-breaking apps awaits you. As the versions ofAndroid It is becoming less and less necessary to root a device, but if we take the leap, we will see how a new microcosm opens before our eyes.

Thanks to the administrator or root permissions, we can open the main door and use apps that will make the most of the functionalities of our terminal. Shall we take a look at the best root apps for Android?Let's go there!

The 30 best apps for rooted Android devices

In the following selection of root applications we will see many apps dedicated to getting a better performance from the system, as well as applications for install custom ROMs, recover files, create automation and even get a better management of the battery of our device.

1. Flashify

Flashify is an application that anyone who is used to installing custom ROMs should always have installed. With this app we will be able to facilitate the flashing processes in an incredible way. We can program flashes without having to restart the terminal. Zips, mods, kernels, recovery images, ROMs, and much more.

The free version has a limit of 3 flashes per day, so if our body asks us for sauce, we should consider purchasing the paid version.

Download QR-Code Flashify (for root users) Developer: Christian Göllner Price: Free

2. SuperSU

Most rooting methods usually install SuperSU on our terminal, so most likely we already have it installed. It is the best app to control the root permissions that we give to the apps on our device, as well as other functionalities that are really good.

Download SuperSU from its official website

3. Magisk

We can't talk about root applications without mentioning Magisk. With this application we can give / remove root permissions without changing the partition system of the terminal. This allows us to continue receiving OTA updates and hide root when we try to install an app that is not compatible with rooted devices.

4. GMD Gesture Control

GMD Gesture Control is an app for root users that allows control your device using gestures (iPhone X style). In this way we can open files or folders directly through previously established patterns. If we know how to get the hang of it, it can be really practical.

Download QR-Code GMD GestureControl Lite ★ root Developer: Good Mood Droid Price: Free

5. System App Remover

One of the things that irritate Android users the most are those apps that they come standard in the terminal and that we cannot uninstall. In fact, many people root their phone simply to remove these types of applications.

These pre-installed programs are called bloatware , and thanks to System App Remover we can get rid of them.

Download QR-Code App Remover Developer: Jumobile Price: Free

6. Rashr

Rashr is an open source root application that helps us with our Android maintenance tasks. The app helps automate the process of creating backups of system partitions and flashing recoverys and kernels. It allows you to access and download more than 6,500 different recoverys, including TWRP and ClockWorkMod.

Download from XDA Labs

7. Viper4AndroidFX

If you want to control the audio settings of your phone as much as possible you have to try Viper4AndroidFX. With this app we can manage thousands of equalization settings, achieve crystal clear audio and even improve the quality of the sound emitted by the speakers.

The application cannot be found on Google Play, so to install it we must go to the XDA Labs page to download it.

8. Battery Calibration

In Android there is a bin file that is responsible for collecting all the battery data to show the power details to the user. With Battery Calibration we can calibrate the battery, deleting this bin file, which many times leads to higher battery performance and longer life. One of the best root applications without a doubt.

Download from APK Pure

9. Titanium Backup

Plain and simple the best app for managing backups and backups for Android. If we like to play with different ROMs and configurations, a good backup is essential on any rooted Android.

Titanium Backup allows you to create and manage backups in a simple and really functional way.

Download QR-Code Titanium Backup ★ root needed Developer: Titanium Track Price: Free

10. Easy DPI Changer

The DPI or pixel density is the measurement that tells us how many pixels per inch are shown on the screen of our Android. This root application allows us to modify this parameter, enlarging or reducing the pixels displayed on the screen to our liking.

This can be useful, for example, to lower the resolution of the screen in games that are too demanding to be able to play them fluently, but be careful. It also has its drawbacks, and that is, if we do not know what we are doing and we screw up at some point, we can brick our terminal in the worst case. As the great Stan Lee said, "With great power comes great responsibility."

Download QR-Code Easy DPI Changer [Root] Developer: chornerman Price: Free

11. Dumpster

Dumpster is an application to recover deleted files. Once installed it fulfills the function of the classic recycle bin, and whenever we delete a file or image we can use it to recover it.

It does not require root permissions to work, but with them it is much more effective.

Download QR-Code Recycle Bin Dumpster Developer: Baloota Price: Free

12. Link2SD

Thanks to Link2SD we will can Free up space in our internal memory by transferring apps to the SD card. It is a great method to take advantage of the space of the SD memory, but we must not forget that the programs that we have moved to the SD will always work a little more slowly.

Download QR-Code Link2SD Developer: Bülent Akpinar Price: Free

13. Root explorer

As the name suggests, this isa file explorer for Android devices with administrator privileges. It is a paid application, but it is well worth every penny of its price in the Play Store, since it is the most complete browser that we can find today for root users.

Best for opening and modifying restricted access files. It has a very high rating of 4.7 stars.

Download QR-Code Root Explorer Developer: Speed ​​Software Price: € 3.49

14. Greenify

The Greenify function is extremely interesting. Its work consists of sending to hibernate those apps and processes that we are not using in order to save system resources and consume less battery.

Greenify does not require root permissions to work, but it is much more efficient if we have admin permissions. In the latest versions of Android, due to various optimizations in energy saving, the Greenify app is not as effective, although if we have an old Android mobile it can be a most valuable tool.

Download QR-Code Greenify Developer: Oasis Feng Price: Free

15. Macrodroid

Fabulous Macrodroid opens up a world of new possibilities for our Android terminal. Thanks to this application we can create automation and programmed tasks or actions, according to our needs. Do you want the flashlight to turn on every time you shake your phone? Hang up calls simply by turning the phone upside down?

If you want to know a little more, do not hesitate to take a look at our Macrodroid mini tutorial .

Download QR-Code MacroDroid - Developer Automation: ArloSoft Price: Free

16. DiskDigger

Probably the best app to recover deleted files on Android. DiskDigger is capable of recovering SMS, images, videos, files and all kinds of data from our terminal. If we have deleted a file, remember that it is best to launch the recovery application as soon as possible. If not, we run the risk that the file will be overwritten with new information and we will not be able to recover it.

The free version only recovers images (in many cases that will be enough), but the pro is capable of recovering anything. Highly recommended.

Download QR-Code DiskDigger Recover Photos Developer: Defiant Technologies, LLC Price: Free Download QR-Code DiskDigger Pro file recovery Developer: Defiant Technologies, LLC Price: € 3.34

17. Device Control

With root permissions we can do things that otherwise we could not even think about. With this app We can overclock to boost the CPU or lower the voltage to reduce battery consumption.. We can also manage the sound, the screen, and it has an editor for the file build.prop.

Download from APK Mirror

18. BuildProp Editor

If we want to modify the file build.prop -or any other properties file- and we are looking for a much more powerful editor, then we can take a look at this root app.

A tremendously useful tool for advanced users, with which we can improve performance, correct errors and customize our Android by modifying compilation information and other system properties.

Download QR-Code BuildProp Editor Developer: JRummy Apps Price: Free

19. SD Maid

Having our storage space at bay is always important. Thanks to SD Maid we can eliminate residual files and ghost folders, managing to free up space that is otherwise being wasted.

To make the app a little more round, it has a file explorer, a search engine and even an application manager.

Download QR-Code SD Maid - System Cleanup Developer: darken Price: Free

20. BetterBatteryStats

If you want to have a detailed record of battery consumption on your device, BetterBatteryStats it is your app. Many of its functions are already included from AndroidMarshmallow, but if our terminal works with some previous version of Android, this app will tell us everything we need to know.

Download QR-Code BetterBatteryStats Developer: Sven Knispel Price: € 2.39

21. ROM Manager

The ClockWorkMod ROM manager is one of the best tools for managing custom ROMs. It has practically everything: manage your ROMs, backups, install ROMs from SD and more. Easy and simple.

Download QR-Code ROM Manager Developer: ClockworkMod Price: Free

22. Rec

The best root app for record everything that happens on the screen of your device. Really useful app for gamers, vloggers, youtubers or anyone who is dedicated to providing technical support on Android.

Download QR-Code Rec. (Screen Recorder) Developer: SPECTRL Price: Free

23. Quick Reboot

A great tool for root users. In most Android systems, the power button barely allows you to shut down and restart the terminal. With Quick Reboot We will expand the shutdown menu with the options to restart in recovery, bootloader or safe mode. Simple but useful.

Download QR-Code Quick Reboot [ROOT] Developer: Awiserk Price: Free

24. ROM Toolbox Pro

ROM Toolbox it's one of those all-in-one apps that works really well. Have a rooted file explorer, ROM management (we can create nandroid backups), scripts, it has a font installer and much more. On some devices we can even change the theme and the terminal boot animation.

Until a couple of years ago they had a "lite" version, but now they only offer the "pro" version that costs € 5.99. In addition, it seems that the latest updates have given enough problems, so if we are interested in testing it, it is recommended that we find and install an old version to obtain better performance.

Download QR-Code ROM Toolbox Pro Developer: JRummy Apps Price: € 5.99

25. Servicely

With this app we can control services running in the background in our system. For example, we can prevent Facebook from running while the device screen is off. With a little skill we can save battery that is otherwise being consumed, with processes or services that we are not using.

An application very much in the line of our beloved Greenify.

Download QR-Code Servicely to control your phone Developer: Francisco Franco Price: Free

26. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector offers a tremendously useful service. It is responsible for detecting if any program or service is out of order, consuming more resources than expected. Does your screen take too long to turn off? Is your battery draining at an astonishing speed? This Android app can help us find the cause. Highly recommended.

Download from APK Mirror

27. Xposed Framework

For many this is the total root experience. We can change and install new themes, interfaces, button changes and anything else you can think of. The modules are maintained by the community, and are not available on Google Play. To learn a little more about Xposed Framework, it is best to stop by the official app thread on XDA Developers .

28. LiveBoot

If you are a bit of a geek you have to try LiveBoot. If we install this app, Whenever we start our Android device we can see on the screen all the commands and orders that are executed in real time while charging the system. It does not have many more functionalities, but it is curious and gives a special touch to our terminal.

Download QR-Code [root] LiveBoot Developer: Chainfire Price: Free

29. Start-up animations

This customization app for root users allows us change the startup animation that is shown whenever we start the terminal. It has hundreds of animations that we can use, but be careful: it is not compatible with all mobile phones of the brand - such as Samsung, which uses its own startup animation format (QMG) -.

Download QR-Code Startup Animations Developer: JRummy Apps Price: Free

30. 3C System Tuner

With 3C System Tuner we have the possibility of make adjustments to various aspects of the system in a centralized way. We can make small modifications to the CPU, kill processes and apps in the background, make backups and restore applications, modify the cache and many other things.

It is a tool that allows us to control many delicate aspects of the system, so it is vitally important to be very careful when using it.

Download 3C System Tuner from APK Pure

What did you think of this list? Do you know of any other root app that should be here? Do not hesitate and leave your opinion in the comment box.

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