How to watch Rick and Morty season 4 for free (and legal)

Rick and morty is one of the most outstanding adult animation series of the last decade. After more than 2 years since the issuance of the last chapter of the third season, the fourth season began on November 11, and for that reason, in today's post we are going to see what methods we have at our disposal to be able to see this 4th season live, without spending a penny and legally.

The Rick and Morty series is currently broadcast on Adult Swim, the late-night programming block of the US television network Cartoon Network, which currently operates under a paid subscription. The channel as such is not available in Spain (it closed in 2013), although there are several possibilities to see it integrated into other platforms.

Method # 1: You can watch the 4th season of Rick and Morty from Sky Spain

Sky Spain's streaming and content-on-demand platform offers 15 premium TV channels within its catalog. One of these channels is TNT, which has the rights to Adult Swim (both are part of the WarnerMedia conglomerate), and is currently broadcasting the fourth season of Rick and Morty simultaneously with respect to the United States.

Like many other streaming services, Sky offers a free trial period of one month. Although the series is broadcast at the rate of one chapter per week, taking into account that the fourth season consists of only 5 episodes and that the last episode will be released December 8th, we can sign up today without fear of missing any chapter.

Method # 2: HBO Spain is also broadcasting the series simultaneously

HBO is also a part of WarnerMedia, which means it may also air the fourth season of Rick and Morty in its premiere. However the HBO Spain free trial period It lasts for 14 days, and therefore, we will have to register November 25 If we want to see until the last chapter without paying the monthly subscription of € 8.99.

In this sense it is not much of a problem either, since being content on demand we can see all the chapters that have been broadcast to date at once and catch up in a moment (although yes, we must be patient and wait until the day 25).

In short, if we live in Spain and want to see the last season of Rick and Morty live and for free, the easiest thing is to opt for Sky Spain and watch the entire season week by week, or wait a few days and shoot for the HBO alternative, which although it has a shorter trial period, the level of the rest of series and contents is much higher. In the end, it's all a matter of taking stock and seeing which of the 2 convinces us the most.

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