More than 600 free 4K wallpapers for Windows 10

Every month Microsoft usually publishes several 4K wallpapers for Windows 10 that we can download completely free of charge from their website. The wallpapers are grouped by themes, where we can find dozens of images in high resolution Full HD and 4K.

In the case of Ultra HD backgrounds, the Microsoft store labels them with the “PREMIUM” tag, which will help us to differentiate them from the rest of the themes in lower resolution. Perfect for those who have a 1440p or 4K monitor and want to fully exploit the possibilities of their screen with some certainly spectacular wallpapers.

Download the wallpapers in 4K resolution from Microsoft for Windows 10

The download and installation process is very simple. We access the links that we attach below, which will take us to the Microsoft website, and in the file for each topic we click on the "Get" button. This action will open the Microsoft Store, from where we can download and install the funds automatically.

  • Night Skies PREMIUM (20 images)
  • Water Retreat PREMIUM (20 images)
  • World Oceans Day PREMIUM (10 images)
  • Earth from Above PREMIUM (14 images)
  • Beauty of China PREMIUM (16 images)
  • Wooden Walkways PREMIUM (20 images)
  • Amazon Landscapes PREMIUM (20 images)
  • Whales and Dolphins PREMIUM (14 images)
  • Beach Time PREMIUM (15 images)
  • Animal Portraits PREMIUM (18 images)
  • Clouds PREMIUM (20 images)
  • Amazon Wildlife PREMIUM (18 images)
  • Street Views PREMIUM (18 images)
  • River Roll On PREMIUM (16 images)
  • Natural Hearts PREMIUM (18 images)
  • Mountain Light PREMIUM (18 images)
  • National Geographic Antarctica PREMIUM (12 images)
  • Desert Beauty PREMIUM (20 images)
  • Sun and Sand PREMIUM (10 images)
  • Aerial Beaches PREMIUM (15 images)
  • Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM (19 images)
  • Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift (18 images)
  • PREMIUM Wildflowers (18 images)
  • Vector Art PREMIUM (10 images)
  • Bending Light PREMIUM (18 images)
  • Vintage Motorcycles PREMIUM (15 images)
  • Light Trails PREMIUM (10 images)
  • Classic Cars PREMIUM (20 images)
  • PREMIUM Sloths (15 images)
  • Wish You Were Here PREMIUM (9 images)
  • National Geographic Safari PREMIUM (12 images)
  • Painting in Light PREMIUM (12 images)
  • Trains on Bridges PREMIUM (10 images)
  • Staircases PREMIUM (12 images)
  • Panoramic Train Views PREMIUM (10 images)
  • At Home PREMIUM (15 images)
  • Take a Moment PREMIUM (10 images)
  • Colorful Boats PREMIUM (14 images)
  • Sunflowers PREMIUM (17 images)
  • Winding Roads PREMIUM (18 images)
  • Surfboards PREMIUM (16 images)
  • Architectural Structures PREMIUM (10 images)
  • Spiraling Fractals PREMIUM (8 images)
  • Treehouses PREMIUM (20 images)

Once the theme is installed, we just have to right click with the mouse on the Windows desktop, click on "Personalize"And in the new window enter the section"Topics”That we will see in the side menu. Then, from the section "Change theme”We will be able to modify the current background for the theme that we just downloaded.

Each of the themes includes more than a dozen wallpapers that alternate from time to time. We can change the frequency with which each photo is refreshed from the sidebar in "Background -> Change image every”(1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours or 1 day). Likewise, all the images are stored in C: \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Themes so if we enter this route we can establish any of the wallpapers permanently and individually.

All images are licensed by Getty for Microsoft, so commercial use is strictly prohibited. We can see the complete list of free 4K themes offered by Microsoft HERE.

You can also find more wallpapers for your PC or mobile phone in the post «The 10 best websites to download wallpapers in Full HD and 4K«.

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