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Below we collect a series of websites and repositories with millions of free icons to download That we can use to personalize the folders and files on our computer, or take advantage of them to design our web pages, logos, posts, publications on social networks, projects, infographics or whatever comes to mind.

The pages included in this collection of resources include icons of various categories (material design, finance, health, gestures, emojis, symbols, activities ...), many of them with really cool and different designs. The icons are in different formats, the most common being SVG, PNG, EPS and PSD.

The best websites to download free icons

If you don't want to waste time searching for icons on the Internet, here is a good guide to start looking at.

Pixel Icons

Some really polished icons that come in 3 different versions: color, lines and solid. The collection includes a total of 300 icons in each version, although in this case it must be clarified that in order to download them it is necessary to subscribe to the Pixel Icons newsletter (which of course is completely free, it would be missing more). | Download Pixel Icons

Eva Icons

Eva Icons is a pack with more than 480 Open Source icons for actions and common elements. Compatible with Eva Design System, you can download these icons for free for your digital web products, iOS and Android. | Download Eva Icons

Gradient Freebie Icons

Gradient Pack with 100 flat vector icons. They make great use of gradient colors in shades of orange and blue to create beautiful effects that add a modern touch to our design. | Download Gradient Freebie Icons


Set of 282 free Open Source icons of minimalist cut. Each icon is designed on a 24 × 24 grid with an emphasis on simplicity, consistency, and usability. Created by Cole Bemis. | Download Feather Icons

Hand drawn doodle icons

Free icon pack with hand-drawn drawings, as if they were small doodles or doodles. A good collection of icons if we need something that is a little more casual and fun. | Download Hand drawn doodle icons

Adrien Coquet Icon Pack

Adrien Coquet's profile on the Nouns Project website includes a lot of icons with a Creative Commons license that we can download for free by logging in with Facebook or creating an account. If you are looking for an icon that serves to express an abstract idea, you should definitely visit this collection. | Download Adrien Coquet icons

Drip Icons V2

Version 2 of Drip Icons comes with 200 free icons to download, simple and minimalist, with popular categories such as arrows, computers, mobiles, bells, pins, battery, light bulbs and many other classic symbols in blue. Designed by Amit Jakhu. | Download Drip Icons V2

FlatFlow Icons

Pack of 15 icons that is great to represent user avatars for a product. Available in SVG and Sketch formats, designed by Anna Litviniuk. | Download FlatFlow Icons

Facebook Emoji Freebie

The classic Facebook emojis in vector format (Sketch, SVG) designed by Tobia Crivellari. The pack includes a total of 7 icons. | Download Facebook Emoji Freebie

Bikini 60s

The two-tone effect adds a special depth to these icons. An interesting alternative if we are thinking of creating a visually attractive toolbar or control panel. 60 vector icons available in PSD, SVG and AI formats. Designed by Sebastiano Guerriero. | Download Bikini 60s

Extra: 20 other repositories where you can download free icons

If you still haven't had enough, you can also browse these other websites where you will find more free icons for your projects.


70 Basic Icons

Icons - Material Design

Expenses -vs- Income icons


Medical Icons

Free Minimal Icons at RoundIcons

Remix Icon

Solid Icon Pack Roundies

Sai Icons

Simple Icons

54 Stylish Icons

48 Fine Icons

170 thin line UI icons


20 business and finance icons

36 essential UI icons

14 Gesture icons

24 Medical free icons

7 icons of AI, technology, virtual and augmented reality

And that's all! If you know of other repositories or free icon packs that are worth it, don't forget to share your recommendation in the comments area.

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