The 10 best Android games for parties and family gatherings

The Christmas holidays are coming, and with them all the dinners and meals you can imagine: Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years, the meal of kings ... A madness that you will easily end up with a couple of extra kilos! To make the after-dinner parties a little more entertaining, today I bring you a few Cooperative games for the mobile with which to liven up all these family evenings and parties with friends looming over the horizon.

All the games that we will review below are compatible with Android, are completely free and are 100% in Spanish, although in the end we will also drop a couple in English that are very worthwhile for how fun they are.

10 board games for Android with which to "put some sauce" on family meals and parties with friends

As you will see below, many of these mobile games are digital versions of timeless classics; Traditional board games, updated for the new times, although we will also find several really popular modern titles within the genre.

That I am? / Heads Up

Heads Up is the typical game for parties and family gatherings. It is very easy to play and it creates a lot of fun moments. The game consists of placing the mobile above our head showing a word to our friends. They should help us guess the keyword by answering questions or making gestures.

Heads Up is in English, but there is also a very similar version in Spanish called That I am?.

Download QR-Code What am I? mimics with friends and family Developer: 2Minds Dev Price: Free Download QR-Code Heads Up! - The Best Charades Game! Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises Price: Free

Dark stories

This popular board game is really fun especially when played with several people. The narrator must read a story that normally ends in a crime, and the rest of the participants they must guess what happened. The narrator can only answer with a "YES" or a "NO".

Download QR-Code Dark Stories Developer: Treebit Technologies Price: Free


Do you remember TABÚ? This digital version has the same premise: 2 teams compete to get the highest number of words right. Each team must match the word that their partner tries to explain without using gestures or forbidden words.

The good thing about it is that it can be played with a single mobile and it also works in offline mode.

Download QR-Code eTABU - Social Game Developer: Softnauts Price: Free

Trivial party

There are many Trivia games for Android, but almost all of them are online. This Trivial Party is one of the few that allows us to play local trivia games with our friends, up to a maximum of 8 players.

The interface could be a bit prettier, but the questions, which in the end is what matters, have an acceptable level of difficulty. There are more than 2000, divided into 6 categories (sports, entertainment, geography, history, art and literature and science). A classic that never goes out of style at family gatherings and parties.

Download QR-Code Trivial Party Developer: Alegre Studios Price: Free


A board game very similar to the classic Monopoly lifelong. Mr. Naipe is a developer that offers several “legendary” games common to the desktop - such as Tute, Mús or dominoes - in app format for Android.

Europoly accepts up to 4 players, and although it can be played from mobile it is recommended to use a tablet for ease of use. The rules are the same as always: buy streets (in this case European countries), build houses and bankrupt your opponents.

Download QR-Code Europoly Developer: Don Naipe Price: Free

Trick or Drink: challenges and games to drink at party

As its name indicates, this is a drinking game and have a good time with friends before partying. It has all kinds of challenges, spicy questions and various mini-games that usually lead to “ethyl” penalties when we fail or fail the test in question. The typical drinking game turned into a mobile app.

Download QR-Code TrickOrDrink 🍺 group drinking challenges and games Developer: GrunCode Price: Free


SpaceTeam is a cooperative game that encourages teamwork. A person receives a control panel with a lot of buttons, pins and switches that must be activated following very specific instructions. The rest of the teammates receive the instructions, and must coordinate before time runs out and a supernova explodes in their faces.

It is a title quite different from what we are used to seeing, with an air reminiscent of the “hot potato game”. To be able to play, yes, it is necessary for each participant to use their own mobile or tablet.

Download QR-Code Spaceteam Developer: Henry Smith Inc. Price: Free

King of Opera

King of Opera is a local offline multiplayer game where we control an opera singer. Each player must take their tenor to the spotlight and stay singing as long as possible.

It is a title that is much more enjoyed on a tablet, since it is a fairly busy game in which all participants must press the screen at the same time. Simple but very effective at parties and Christmas gatherings.

Download QR-Code King of Opera - Party Game! Developer: Tuokio Oy Price: Free


Bounden is an unusual dance game for two players. Each one of the participants grabs one of the ends of the mobile and they must turn, move and wrap themselves around a virtual sphere. When you least expect it, it turns out that you are dancing. It is a premium application and is priced at € 2.49.

Download QR-Code Bounden Developer: Adriaan de Jongh Price: € 2.49

All these games are in Spanish, but if all the players control some English, let me also recommend the game of «Evil Apples«. In each round the game shows us a red card with a phrase that encourages joking, with a gap that we must fill with one of the white cards that we have.

Do not lose sight of either «Who can’t draw«, A game very similar to the mythical« Broken phone », but using pictures instead of words. Quite a hoot.

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