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If we have deleted any photos or videos by mistake on Android and we want to recover it, not be alarmed: in general, there is usually a solution. The only thing we have to keep in mind is that we must carry out the recovery process as soon as possible.

When we delete photos or files, these remain on our device until we overwrite the space they have assigned with another new file. That is, when we delete an image (or any other file) what we really delete is the indexing that makes our system know where our photo is. But the photo, friends, is still there.

Tips prior to file recovery on Android

Before starting the recovery process it is important that we take into account the following details:

  • Let's disable the data connection and WiFi to prevent the phone from downloading new updates. This way we prevent our lost files from being overwritten with new data.
  • If the deleted photos and videos were in WhatsApp, and we have deleted them recently, we can try to recover them restoring a WhatsApp backup.
  • If the deleted content was lost a long time ago, we have a better chance of recovering it using recovery apps for pc. They are generally more effective than mobile recovery apps.

Finally, and in order to prevent the same story from repeating in the future, we can install an app called Dumpster. This free application fulfills the functions of the classic Windows Recycle Bin. Thus, when we delete a file, instead of disappearing completely, it will go to Dumpster, being able to restore it at the moment and without complications.

Download QR-Code Recycle Bin Dumpster Developer: Baloota Price: Free

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android

Let's get down to business. If we want to recover a photo or video on Android, we have 2 ways to do it:

  • Through an app Recovery for Android.
  • Connecting the terminal to the PC and using a deleted file recovery program.

Another key and totally determining factor is the issue of permits. If we have administrator privileges (root permissions) on our device the chances of recovering our deleted photos and videos will be much higher. Root permissions allow apps to "dig" much deeper, and access files and sections of the Android system that are otherwise impossible to "taint".

Apps to recover deleted photos and files

In the Google PlayStore there are countless apps to recover deleted photos and files on Android phones, some very good and others a little more mediocre. Also, keep in mind that if we are not root, the most effective recoveries will be with the photos and files that we had stored on our SD card.

Here are 3 file restoration apps that work really well. Let us take into consideration, on the other hand, that all these applications they are for free, but they also have a paid version. Recommendation? Let's try the free version first, and if it gives us acceptable results, let's move on to the paid version.

EaseUS Mobisaver

The best app I have tried to date to recover deleted photos and videos on Android. Mobisaver has a free version that offers very good results, and allows you to do such interesting things as filtering recovery searches by file size (for example, searching for images larger than 100KB). This allows us to forget about the typical thumbnails and tiny images that are hardly useful at all.

The paid pro version offers even deeper searches, and as always, if we also have root permissions the chances of recovering our lost images and videos increases considerably.

It also recovers other types of data, such as call history, SMS, WhatsApp and Contacts. Very useful.

Download QR-Code EaseUS MobiSaver-Recover Photo & Contacts Developer: EaseUS Data Recovery Software Price: Free

DiskDigger Undelete

Recover photos and all kinds of files on Android and also allows us to upload them to Dropbox or Google drive. It is recommended to use it with root permissions, since without them, the app can only perform a limited scan searching the cache and thumbnails. Another high quality app for file recovery on Android that we should not overlook.

Download QR-Code DiskDigger Recover Photos Developer: Defiant Technologies, LLC Price: Free With DiskDigger you can upload your deleted files to Dropbox or Google Drive

Recover Deleted Pictures

His name says it all: "Recover Deleted Pictures«. It only recovers photos and images, but it works like a charm, it is totally free and does not require root. Recover files jpg, jpeg and png. Very well valued by the community and with more than 5 million downloads.

Download QR-Code Recover Deleted Images Developer: GreatStuffApps Price: Free

Video Recovery Beta

Assuming that it is a Beta version, the truth is that it is one of the best alternatives if what we are looking for is only to recover deleted videos on Android. Video Recovery Beta recovers videos with extension FLV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, 3GP and more. There is another similar application, but it is paid (and quite expensive as well), so for a choice, we stick with this one.

Download QR-Code Video Recovery Developer: Tasty Blueberry PI Price: Free

Hexamob recovery, the most recommended for root users

Hexamob recovery is a recovery application that only works on rooted devices. In order to recover the deleted photos, it requires that we go to the PRO version, so we can consider it a paid app. In any case, it is supposed to be an effective application, since it analyzes and searches for files in the deepest layers of memory.

Download QR-Code Hexamob Recover Deleted Developer: HEXAMOB S.L. Price: Free

Practical guide to recovering photos with the DiskDigger app

As you can see, there are many alternatives offered by Android to recover deleted photos and videos. Next we will see a little more closely what it would be like the recovery process, step by step, using the DiskDigger app as an example:

  • First of all, we install the DiskDigger app and run it.
  • As soon as we open the app we will see 2 options: basic scan and full scan. If our phone is not rooted we can only launch the basic scan. Important: the basic scan only recovers Cached images and photo thumbnails. To be able to recover other types of files and images of higher quality it is necessary that the Android terminal is rooted.
  • As my phone is not rooted, I click on "basic scan", and from here, the application starts scanning the system for recoverable files. It is a process that can take a few minutes, but the truth is that, in general, it is quite fast.

  • Once the scan is completed we will have a complete list of all the images that we can recover. In my case, I must admit that DiskDigger has found quite a few deleted photos.
  • Now it is time to select, one by one, all the images that we want to recover. We can mark them individually or choose «Schoose all»From the upper right side menu of the app.
  • Once the photos to be recovered have been identified, click on the button «GET IT BACK»Located in the upper area.
  • In a new window the app will give us the option to save recovered files to device or upload them to Dropbox, Drive etc. We can even upload them to an FTP server if we so wish.

Desktop applications to recover deleted files

Another option to recover our precious images and lost photos from the mobile is to connect the terminal to a computer via a USB cable and running a file recovery program.


MobiSaver also has its corresponding desktop app. PC programs tend to have a better recovery rate, since the analysis is performed from an external source (Windows) and the results tend to be better.

The only requirement in the case of MobiSaver is that we will need root permissions to be able to operate. Remember that it is advisable to root the terminal before starting with recovery processes of this type.

The recovery process is really simple. We launch the application, connect our terminal via USB to the PC, and once detected, click on «GO«. The tool then takes care of scanning and displaying all image files, videos, contacts, messages, audios, etc. that can be recovered.

You can see a detailed tutorial on how to use MobiSaver from the application developer's website in the following LINK.

Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone is another application that allows you to recover deleted files. It has a version for both Windows and Mac, and it also offers good results. Like the previous one, it is a professional application that requires a license.

Dr. Fone is one of the most acclaimed recovery programs


Recuva is my preferred free application to try to recover deleted files from PC. It is free and it is also capable of very detailed scans. The only downside is that it only works with files located in the SD memory of the terminal.

Can I get my photos back without root permissions?

If we do not have administrator permissions on our phone we can also recover our deleted photos and videos, but things get complicated a lot. First I would tell you to try the mobile version of MobiSaver since it does not require root and it also scans the internal memory of the device.

If the image or video was on the SD card, then we just have to remove the card and insert it into the memory slot of our PC (remember that we need a small adapter). Once the computer detects the memory, we install and execute the aforementioned program Recuva.

It is a very simple program that also works very well when it comes to recovering deleted files, either from our computer's hard drive, a portable hard drive or an SD memory.

Recuva is a great application to recover deleted files from your PC

What do you think of these image, photo and video recovery methods for Android? Do you know of any other application or method that works efficiently?

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