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Did you know that the keyboard of your smartphone knows more about you than you imagine? When we are chatting, writing an email or doing a Google search, the keyboard records all the words we type. Unless, of course, we decide clear keyboard history. How do you do it?

How to delete keyboard history on an Android device

The keyboard usually stores the words that we type basically to offer a better user experience: personalized suggestions, a more accurate autocorrect, etc. But it is also true that at any given moment this can turn against us, especially if we have someone looking at the screen or some unwanted word slips between the keyboard predictions.

To solve this, it is enough that we erase all the data collected by the keyboard by deleting its record history. In this way, any unwanted word or term that may bother us will no longer appear.

How to delete the history on the default keyboard of the mobile

If we have never installed an alternative keyboard on Android and we continue to use the one that came pre-installed by default on the device, we can erase your history data by following these steps.

  • We open the Android settings menu and enter "System -> Languages ​​and text input”.
  • Click on "Virtual keyboard”And select the default keyboard app.
  • Next, between the keyboard settings, click on the options "Hola" and "Clear custom data”(Depending on the keyboard app we use, one or both options may appear).

How to remove single words from the suggestion list

If we have the problem only with a specific word and we want to continue keeping the rest of the learned words, it can also be achieved:

  • We open the keyboard and type part of the word that we want to eliminate in such a way that it is shown to us in the menu of suggested words.
  • We long press on the word to delete until a message appears on the screen that says «Delete suggestion«. We confirm the deletion.

This will remove the word from your personal dictionary and will no longer appear in the suggested words menu.

How to clear Google keyboard history (GBoard)

Many Android devices also often use Google's keyboard app called GBoard. It is a very widespread application due to its functionalities and in fact, it is one of the best keyboard options that we can find on Google Play.

  • We enter the Android settings and go to "System -> Languages ​​and text input -> Virtual keyboard”.
  • Click on "GBoard”And we scroll to“Advanced settings”.

  • Finally, click on "Eliminate data and words learned”And enter the confirmation number that appears on the screen.

This deletion will delete all the new dictionary registered by the keyboard, but also the learned words for voice dictation. Important to keep in mind!

How to delete SwiftKey history

SwiftKey is the other great alternative keyboard for Android par excellence. This Microsoft-owned app is also packed with features and is reputed to be one of the fastest keyboards for Android. If we use SwiftKey as our usual keyboard, these are the steps we must follow to erase its history.

  • As in the previous cases, we open the Android settings and go to "System ->Languages ​​and text input -> Virtual keyboard”.
  • From here, click on the SwiftKey icon to access the keyboard configuration menu.
  • Finally, we display the top menu by clicking on the icon with 3 vertical dots (located in the upper right margin of the screen) and select "Clear write data”.

As we can see, in SwiftKey data erasure is a little more hidden than in other applications such as GBoard, but once we know where it is, we can carry out the process in a matter of seconds.

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