FaceApp, disturbing application to see how old you will be

Filters and image editing apps have always been a recurring asset to improve the selfies and photos that we take with our mobile. But it was not until the appearance of morphing and facial detection techniques that things got interesting, adding filters in real time to add elements to our face or modify certain features (put anime eyes, shave the head or show you with chimpanzee face) or even exchange our face with someone else's.

Many of these applications tend to have a rather playful purpose, the only objective of which is to give us a laugh at a given moment. Although for some time, fun aside, there are also other similar applications that they play so well with our morphology that can even be disturbing.

FaceApp, the haunting morphing app that shows you how old you will be

FaceApp is an image editing app with which we can carry out the typical selfie retouching functions, adding filters and more. However, it has a feature that has recently been optimized, delivering amazing results. We are talking about the age filter, which is responsible for manipulating our face by showing how we will be in a few years, when we are adorable old men.

The algorithm that the filter uses is quite scary, yes. It shows that we are not facing a simple tool that adds a couple of wrinkles: the details are impressive, the fall of the mouth, the enlargement of the nose or the skin of the neck, among other factors, are taken into account.

In addition to this filter, FaceApp also allows go the opposite way and rejuvenate ourselves, or add aesthetic touches such as putting on a beard or bangs. All of them with the most credible results.

It should be mentioned that this is a free application, but it also has a premium version that unlocks the vast majority of filters available to the editor (although it is quite expensive). The truth is that to see how old we will be and put our hands on our heads for a while with the free version we have more than enough. A simply amazing application.

Download QR-Code FaceApp Developer: FaceApp Inc Price: Free

Warning: be careful what you upload to FaceApp

Finally, we must also remember that we are facing a controversial app. Already in 2017 she became really famous because at that time allowed to apply filters to emulate different ethnicities and lighten the color of dark-skinned people. She was accused of racism and the developers chose to remove these filters.

But be careful because this is not the only controversial point related to FaceApp, and it is that privacy does not seem to be its strong point. In the clauses of the application it is established that the user gives a «perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license, fully paid and transferable license" for "use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works, distribute, perform publicly and display»The results obtained.

Therefore, it is recommended that we do not upload any compromising photograph that we would not like to be made public, since with the use of the tool we are giving up all the image rights of said capture.

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