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If you want to create a template or form in Excel, sometimes it comes in handy to be able to add lists or drop-down menus with selectable values.

This type of drop-down can obtain the data either from cells in the spreadsheet itself or from an external file. If what you need is to create a simple form, it is not very practical to take the list data from another file, so this time I will limit myself to showing you the easiest way to create this type of menu.

First choose where you want to create the drop-down menu and what values ​​you want the list to contain. In the example that I show you in the image below we are going to create the drop-down list in cell C3. On the left I have put the name of the list, "Dept. ”, To identify it. In another column, away from the rest of the data on the sheet, I have written the fields that I want to appear in the list or menu that I am going to create.

Then go to the tab Data and click on Data validation.

In the data validation window, on the tab Setting Choose Allow: List. You will see how the option appears below Origin. Click on the small icon that appears on the right (see image).

We return to the spreadsheet. Choose without releasing the left button the cells you want to appear in the list. Look at the window Data validation The cells you have selected for the list appear. In the example of the image we have chosen from cells H3 to H7. Press Enter.

Let's go back to the window Data validation. You will see how now in the field Origin the one followed by the cells you just selected appears. Press To accept.

List created.

Finally, if you do not want the values ​​of the list to be visible because it is not very aesthetic, you can select the column and by right-clicking click on Hide so this column is not displayed.

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