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3 days ago the alarm went off: Kim Dotcom announced on Twitter that Mega cloud storage service has not used payment processors for 2 years, which means that you have not earned a minimum income for that long. In addition, the current "owner" of Mega, Bill Liu, is in search and capture in China, which can not bode well.

Faced with a possible closure of Mega, it's time to make a backup of everything we have hanging on their servers, and start looking for new alternatives. The download speeds that Mega offers are really incredible, but When looking for substitutes we have to take into account other factors, such as information security, reliability or the price of storage in the event that we do not want to limit ourselves solely to downloading content. If Mega disappears, what other services can we use as an alternative?


SaberCat is a good cloud storage tool. It offers 5 GB of space and a very good upload and download speed. It is very easy to use, it has that "wordpress style" aroma that I call it, differentiated spaces and everything is very clear. It also allows you to register with your Twitter, Facebook, Google or AOL account. Important data if you are one of those who is already beginning to be buried by the number of users and passwords it handles.


ZippyShare does not have a limit on the number of files you can upload, but instead limits the upload size for each file to 200 MB. We would say that this service is characterized by frugality: everything you upload is automatically deleted after 7 days. It's a bit dated in design, but otherwise it can be a good tool for temporary file sharing. No registration required.

It offers 2 GB of storage space (no "expiration date" if you register as a user). You can get a premium account to improve download speed, and you can also hire other types of accounts if you need to increase storage space. The standard download speed (free) is low and does not usually exceed 75 Kb / s


Mediafire is possibly the real best alternative in case Mega disappears. It has been around for many years and is easy to use and download. It usually has better download speeds than other similar services, although if you want to download large files they will surely have to be divided into parts.


Another website to share files, which you will surely know if you have ever downloaded pirate things. As a storage service it offers 10 GB for free and 100 GB if you pay $ 10 / month. It has many ads, which is totally common for this type of website (you always have to dodge ads, it is inevitable). It also has a section on its home page from where you can see and download what the rest of 4Shared users share, therefore, privacy 0.


Formerly known as YouSendIt, it allows you to download files with a maximum size of 250 MB and 2 GB of storage space. The paid version on the other hand offers unlimited space and a maximum size of 10 GB for each file. Don't ask me why, but it is a fairly popular service in the business world (I myself have had to support users with problems downloading files from YouSendIt several times. Not that it was a problem with the web, but it is that in companies often "cap" this type of downloads).


The free version has a file size limit of 300MB that is removed within 30 days of uploading, and the speed is typically below 100MB / s. Unless you get the Premium service for $ 10, in which case you can download at much higher speeds and have 100 GB per month of upload without expiration restriction and 4GB of size per file.


Another old acquaintance in the world. It has a reputation for being a deceptive service, but the truth is that it does not differ that much from its competitors in many respects. 10 GB maximum size per file and unlimited space in free mode. The great downside of DepositFiles is that if you dedicate yourself to uploading content, if after 90 days you do not upload any new file, your files are deleted.

The truth is that the front of DepositFiles is pulling ugly

What do you think? What is your favorite alternative to Mega?

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