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When Microsoft released Windows 7, apart from modifying the user interface with respect to Windows XP, it carried out an important change in terms of manageability with respect to previous versions of Windows.

But, what differences are there between one operating system and another? Let's seeā€¦

Windows 7 does not have an email client

Outlook express has been one of those programs that have always accompanied us, we could find it in Windows 95, and it has been so popular that many people have never used another email client.

In Windows Vista Outlook Express was removed and replaced by Windows Mail.

Interestingly, Windows 7 does not have an email client. So all those who want to use one will have to buy it or download a free email client such as Thunderbird.

32-bit vs. 64-bit

Although Windows Xp had a 64-bit version (Windows XP x64), many people were not aware that it existed. When upgrading from XP to Windows 7, we will have to decide if we want the 32-bit version (x86) wave 64-bit version (x64). What we choose depends to a large extent on our equipment, that is, on the hardware that we have installed on our PC.

Aero desk

The Aero desk it is nothing more than a collection of desktop windows and different behaviors that make Windows 7 look "pretty". Features like Aero Snap They allow the user to organize open windows and transparency makes it easy to see what is hidden under other windows. With Windows Xp we had "opaque" windows, with Windows 7, we will have "transparent" windows.

Ribbon interface

This is a new organization of the menus in different Microsoft programs. This interface was first introduced in Office 2007.


Windows 7 libraries are nothing more than collections of files that are similar. Similar content found in multiple areas on our team is brought together in file collection systems to make searches easier.

Of course, we can choose whether or not to use the libraries depending on whether they are useful to us. However, if we store a large number of multimedia files on the computer as music or video collections and we want to access them without having to physically move them, libraries can be very useful.

DirectX 11

Windows Xp does not support versions beyond DirectX 9.0. In order to run higher versions of DirectX (such as 10 or 11) we will have to work under Windows 7 or higher.

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