One of the best controllers compatible with Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con are wonderful, but it is true that for some games they are not the most comfortable thing in the world. There are cases like in fighting games or in certain 2D platform titles where one enjoys much more using a classic gamepad.

In today's post I'm going to talk about an unofficial controller for the Switch, which I was encouraged to buy due to the excellent reviews it is getting on the Internet and because its price is quite tight, so if it did not work as I wanted it would not be a great loss. Now, I am already anticipating that in many aspects it has surprised me very pleasantly, although that does not mean that it also has some other defect. Let's see!

Excellent unofficial gamepad compatible with Nintendo Switch: wireless, cheap and with retro design

The first thing to say is that like many other products made in China, this is a white label device. That is, it does not have a visible name and the manufacturer is not specified on the packaging. In Amazon we find it through the sellers JFUNE and Powerlead, although it is more than evident that both come from the same factory. From the outset, this is not usually a very good sign, but this time the absence of branding is little more than that, an anecdotal fact and little else.


The retro look of the device is what strikes us the most at first glance. It is based on the design of the original 16-bit Super Nintendo controller, although it is updated with the buttons "Home", "+", "-", "L1", "L2", "R1", "R2" and 2 joysticks to be able to play any Nintendo Switch title without problems, and even a turbo button. A really attractive gamepad in the aesthetic section.


This is undoubtedly the biggest point in favor of this unofficial controller for Switch: how easy it is to connect to the console. We are facing a wireless controller that connects via Bluetooth to the Nintendo Switch in an extremely fluid way. The first time we synchronize it, we only have to press the Home button for 4 seconds and from there, the rest of the times we turn it on, it will connect automatically no need for additional settings.

This is a really remarkable factor, and it is that, with much more expensive and more prestigious controllers - I don't want to give names: 8BitDo - I have not been able to establish connections as quickly and easily as with this gamepad. Maybe it's my thing, call me clumsy, but I think it's worth it for that alone. If all we want is to turn on the controller and start playing, this is one of the most powerful solutions that we are currently going to find.

In addition, although the controller is designed for the new Nintendo console, it also accepts cable connections via USB (it has a USB Type-C port) and is compatible with Windows PCs.


Once the "filter" of the synchronization with the console is passed, it is time to start playing. How does this Chinese controller behave? At the moment of truth it is true that pressing the crosshead and buttons require applying a little more force than usual, although it did not take us long to get used to it and its response is most accurate. It is not something that is going to take us out of the game: in this sense we can rest easy.

Of course, what we are going to notice the most are vibration sensors, which are really powerful. Perhaps they have gotten out of hand with the vibration, something that we perceive especially with games like Mario Maker 2, where this functionality is used in many situations, becoming a bit annoying at certain times. Now, if you like the controls to vibrate, you're going to enjoy it a lot.

Another point to note is that it does not incorporate a gyroscope, so it is not compatible with games that make use of this functionality, such as Mario Party (a game that on the other hand is designed for joy-con, so it would not have a lot of sense to use one of these controllers). For the rest, we are facing a gamepad that is very enjoyed and that offers the most remarkable autonomy with about 5 hours of uninterrupted use.

Price and availability

This unofficial wireless controller for Nintendo Switch and PC has a price that ranges between € 16.00 and € 24.00 depending on the store and the seller we choose. If we compare it with other manufacturers of more premium retro gamepads such as 8BitDo, which usually cost around 40 euros, the truth is that we are facing a most economical accessory.


Although this is a white label product, the manufacturer has managed to deliver a command capable of meeting the needs of many users. The device is plagued with hundreds of positive reviews across the entire network, and we cannot contradict them: a nostalgic but feature-packed design, with perfectly responsive buttons, a long-lasting battery and a synchronization. so simple that it is a pleasure just to turn it on.

They may have gone a bit too far with the vibration and the manufacturing materials are not as premium as in other more expensive gamepads, but its value for money places this nameless generic controller as one of the best unofficial controllers for Nintendo Switch. .

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