The best legal add-ons for KODI: Free series and movies

Many people associate KODI with piracy. Being an open source multimedia player, it allows any developer to implement a plugin or add-on that infringes copyright rights. But there is also a lot of legal content that we can see without any kind of moral dilemma. And that is precisely the type of content that we will "gut" in today's post.

Next, we take a look at the best legal KODI add-ons to watch series and movies via Internet. Valid for both Android and PC and desktop computers.

Is it legal to watch TV series and movies with KODI?

Most free-to-air television channels broadcast their signal over the Internet. What we are going to do with KODI is use the official online broadcast of these channels and other legal streaming platforms and free, to view them centrally on your mobile or PC. To do this, we will pull the official KODI add-on repository.

That means that in this list we will not find any add-on that houses premiere movies, series or programs from premium paid channels. Even so, I can assure you that the add-ons for KODI that we are going to mention have high quality content. In certain cases, real cinnamon sticks.

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How to install an add-on for KODI

To install an add-on or add-on from the official KODI repository, just follow these steps:

  • We open KODI.
  • In the menu on the left click on "Add-ons”.
  • Click on the icon of the open box, located in the upper left margin.

  • From here, we can see the official repository of add-ons by clicking on "Install from depository ”. We can also do a search from the option "Search”.

  • Once the add-on that we want to install is located, click on the button "Install”.

The best legal Add-ons to watch movies and series on KODI

Warning: Many of these broadcasts are geolocated, which means that they can only be viewed from the country of origin -usually the US, Canada, UK- or using a VPN connection.


TBD is a channel that broadcasts freely in the US, although it does not have a regional blockade. TBD TV broadcasts over the Internet, which means that we can use the KODI repository add-on to watch all its programming online and live.

It is a channel aimed at young audiences and millennials. It focuses on Internet-based series and other digital content, along with some movies.


Do you know Crackle? This is a great streaming service owned by Sony. The truth is that in recent years it has earned a well-deserved reputation, broadcasting TV shows and movies in streaming on demand. Its use is completely free -with ads- and it even offers video in HD quality.

We can find the Crackle add-on in the official KODI repository, which makes it really easy to install. Whether we are looking for classic movies or more recent things, this is one of the most recommended legal alternatives. In addition, it has a very varied catalog (thriller, action, comedy, anime, drama).


If in the case of Crackle we have Sony behind the project, in Popcornflix we find the distributor Screen Media Ventures. In this way, they can offer a large number of quality movies and TV series, both old and recent (The Mexican, Horizonte de Sucesos or El Dictador).

Most of the older films are accessible from any country, while some more recent productions are regionally blocked. They also have an official website with streaming series and movies. One of the best legal alternatives to watch series and movies for free online.

Adult Swim

Do you like adult cartoons? Adult Swim is the home of Rick & Morty, Robot Chicken and many other mythical series, which are broadcast at dawn on the Cartoon Network channel. You can use the Adult Swim add-on to view drawings at all hours from your mobile, although, yes, you do need a VPN if you are outside the US (if not, you can also see their live streams on the official website of AS from anywhere in the world).


Charge is a TV channel that broadcasts free streaming TV shows, action movies and sports. The add-on also allows us to view certain content on demand. If we have a good connection, it also broadcasts in HD quality. Of course, it is geographically restricted, only for the US or through a VPN connection.

Comet TV

This completely legal add-on for KODI broadcasts the live broadcast of Comet TV. A channel specialized in science fiction classics, and with some interesting series such as Stargate, Babylon 5 or TheOuter Limits.

TV Land

TV Land is a well-known comedy channel in the United States. It is a sister channel to MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon, among others, and mainly broadcasts sitcoms from the 50s, 60s and 70s. It also offers other more current series such as Younger (Hillary Duff) or Everybody Loves Raymond.

This add-on gives access to the episodes that are available on the official website of TV Land. Therefore, they are completely legal. All we have to do is download the TV Land add-on from the official KODI repository.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC's on-demand content player, the BBC iPlayer, also has an add-on for KODI. It has a large number of quality series, documentaries and films made by British television (Dr. Who and Sherlock, among others). Of course, to see all the BBC channels we legally need a TV license. In addition to a VPN connection in case we are residing outside the country.

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