Import or Export an Outlook Profile using Registry

Today we bring you a way to export and import an Outlook 2013 profile. In our work we have to have configured a lot of different email accounts with different profiles and each time we have to change positions we have to configure the entire position and the configuration of Outlook mailboxes is what consumes us the most time.

Today he touched me again and I was tired of repeating what I have always been looking for a solution and this has been the best I have achieved, because the people of Microsoft are so nice that they do not enable a direct option to copy / transfer Outlook profiles from one computer to another or from one Windows profile to another profile.

We obviously need a team with the Outlook profiles correctly configured.

  • We open run (Windows key + R) and write "regedit”.
  • We sail to the route HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Windows Messaging Subsystem \
  • We select and right click on the folder Profiles, in the menu select To export.

  • The typical window to save documents appears. We keep it.

From now on we will have it available to take it to another computer or save it, if at any time we need it we just have to double click on the file that we have created and click on Yes for the record to load.

The next time you open Outlook, it will start to retrieve your profile information. It will take a while for it to open up, don't despair.

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