Original Mother's Day greetings for WhatsApp

Next May 6 is the Mother's Day. Yes, it is this very Sunday! As many of you may have already appreciated from the title of this post, today we bring a few original and funny congratulations for this special date. If you like one, you just have to copy it or share it directly via WhatsApp with the woman who gave you life. Congratulations to all the mothers on the planet!

Original Mother's Day greetings to send by WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook or email

As always, for this type of important day I have tried to collect some of the most original congratulations in image format, and at the end of the post you will also find a few Phrases for Mother's Day, written, for those who prefer to type by hand (maybe that way they won't find out that you've copied it from this blog, ha!).

Print your official certificate:

If Julio Iglesias says it, we will have to pay attention to him:

Say it with minions:

For those of us who have been very lucky:

For the most "wonderful" mothers on the planet:

Or what is the same, for the most "wonderful":

You can say higher, but not clearer:

For those who prefer to give away vouchers, and then they will already administer them as they see fit:

For the most sincere:

Original phrases to congratulate Mother's Day

The congratulations in graphic format are not bad at all, but the most writers will surely appreciate some of these fantastic phrases and congratulations on Mother's Day:

A mother is the person who can take the place of everyone, but no one can take the place of her.

Mother's love is the impulse that allows a human being to do the impossible.

Nothing is really lost until my mother can't find it. Happy Mother's Day!

The only thing better than having you as a mother is that my children have the joy of having you as a grandmother. Happy Mother's Day!

I was wondering if my smile was as big as yours. Maybe it is just as big. But not so beautiful. Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers are those who with a hug take away all the sadness. Congratulations, mom!

My mom is like an eternal song, of love, relief and tenderness. Sometimes I forget the lyrics, but I always remember their music.

If I didn't have you as a mother, I would choose you as a friend. Happy Mother's Day!

Every day I am a little more like my mother. And I couldn't be more proud.

One more year, one year less: the important thing is that we enjoy it. Happy Mother's Day!

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