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One of the most significant changes in terms of the way folders are displayed in Windows 7 is the disappearance of the Menu bar. This has been replaced by another bar, in which you can organize the view in which the elements of the folder are shown and perform various options such as cut-paste, view the properties of the folder, share and create new folders.

1: The button "Organize"Offers the possibility of the old"Edit”: Cut, copy, paste etc. It also gives the option to show the properties of the document / folder.

2: The button "Share”Allows you to share the folder you are in with other users. In fact, if you click on it, it will redirect you to the tab "Share" of the properties from the folder.

3: The button "New folder”Is used to create a new folder in the path where you are.

4: This button gives you the possibility to modify the way in which the contents of the folder are displayed.

5: Pressing this button displays the control panel. preview. Thus, by selecting a document (pdf, images, .doc, .xls etc.) you can preview its contents before opening it.

Menu bar

You can go back to working with the classic menu bar if when opening an explorer window you press the key F10.

But beware! If you change folders or click on something other than the menu bar, it disappears and you have to press again F10 to appear again.

Folder options

Inside the menu bar (by pressing F10), clicking on “Tools", You can access the"Folder options«.

Once inside, you will see that there are 3 tabs: "general”, “Watch" and "Look for”.

- Inside the tab "generalYou will find several options. For example, you have the option so that every time you open a new folder a new window opens. By default it is configured so that all folders open in the same window.

From here you can also enable the option to open an element (folder, file) with a single click instead of 2.

- From the tab “Watch”You can decide how the content of the folders is displayed. You can choose to show hidden files and folders, show or hide extensions of the files and several other options.

Finally, comment that the tab "Look for”Allows you to configure the method used to search the system.

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