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The RPG (Role Playing Game or Role Play) was one of the first video game genres to successfully make the leap to mobile devices. There are a lot of quality games and games on Android, both JRPGs and RPGs to use, since time immemorial.

Today, we take a look at some of the best RPGs that we can find for Android tablets and phones on the Google Play Store. Let's go!

The 10 best RPG games for Android, free and paid

The first thing to say is that, although there are really great free RPGs - which we will also name in this list -, most of the great titles and sagas of the genre are paid. Which means that if we want to play games like Baldur’s Gate or KOTOR in our terminal, we will have to go through the checkout.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (also known as KOTOR) is a Adventure RPG in which we get into the shoes of a young Jedi. Throughout the game, and depending on the decisions we make, we will either stay true to the order or end up becoming a Sith Lord.

A really dense game with many missions, more than 40 different powers, and a lot of items and improvement options.

Download QR-Code Star Wars ™: KOTOR Developer: Aspyr Media, Inc. Price: € 10.99


Evoland it is a unique game in its approach. You start playing in a 2D environment, to evolve to 3D, making an interesting journey through the history of videogames. It has parts of hack-n-slash and turn-based fighting, and as we progress through the game we will unlock new environments and game mechanics.

Download QR-Code Evoland Developer: Playdigious Price: € 2.99

Dragon quest

The Dragon Quest saga It has numerous translations to Android of games that have become true classics of video consoles. From the first Dragon Quest, through the rest of the titles of the franchise until reaching DQ VII, all are available on Android for prices ranging from 2.99 euros for the first delivery to 19.99 euros for the most recent Dragon Quest VII.

Pay attention because they are games that take up a lot of space, since in the case of, for example, Dragon Quest VII, it is a full copy of the console version of the PS2 and that means it weighs 1.4GB.

Download QR-Code DRAGON QUEST Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. Price: € 3.49 Download QR-Code DRAGON QUEST VIII Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. Price: € 21.99


Eternium is one of the few RPGs that we will find on Android with these 2 characteristics:

  • It is gratuitous.
  • It can be played without being connected to the Internet (offline).

It's a mix of RPG and hack-n-slash and it has a crazy mix of robots, skeletons, demons, aliens and whatever you can think of. It has several missions, objects that we have to find and improvement options. In the end it ends up being somewhat repetitive, but, in any case, one of the few free RPGs that are worth trying.

Download QR-Code Eternium Developer: Making Fun Price: Free

Final fantasy

As with Dragon Quest, Square Enix has quite a vein with the Final Fantasy franchise on Android. From the first Final Fantasy that came out in 1987 in Japan, to more modern titles like FF VII or Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the offer is truly overwhelming.

We can find from freemium games like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire or FF Brave Exvius, up to others that exceed 15 euros, such as the FF V, FF VI, FF VII and FF IX. If you like straightforward strategy, feel free to try the Final fantasy tactics, a great game that is also quite well priced (it does not reach € 7).

Download QR-Code FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. Price: Free Download QR-Code FINAL FANTASY TACTICS: WotL Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. Price: € 13.99

Pocket mortys

If you like the Rick & Morty animation series and you are also a fan of the most classic Pokémon, you have to try Pocket Mortys. And not just because it's free, but because it's the closest thing you'll find to a straightforward Pokémon game on Android.

Download QR-Code Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys Developer: [adult swim] games Price: Free +

Baldur’s Gate

An RPG old school of the good ones. Great character development, really difficult missions and with all the DLCs that came out in its day included. It's a deep game that takes hours (the first Baldur’s is 60 hours + expansions, for example), but if you like this type of game, you should definitely try both Baldur’s Gate I and Baldur’s Gate II.

Download QR-Code Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition Developer: Beamdog Price: € 10.99


Sorcery! is a text-based RPG, and in a way it can be likened to read a novel. The story will change according to the decisions we make, throughout a world that we will have to explore at will. A quite original RPG that escapes a bit from the usual standards. The saga already has 4 titles.

Download QR-Code Sorcery! Developer: inkle Ltd Price: € 5.49

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon is an Open Source RPG, which means that in addition to the original, we can find a lot of variants available on Google Play. The Spanish version is made by Rodrigo Pan, of course it is free, and in it we will find a fun game of the type roguelike with really attractive pixel art graphics.

Download QR-Code Pixel Dungeon ES Developer: Rodrigo Pan Price: Free

Fire emblem heroes

Fire emblem heroes, one of the few Nintendo games on Android to date. A strategy RPG with turn-based combat and in which we will see cameos of characters from other Fire Emblem games. The game is free with the possibility of making in-game purchases (although they are not mandatory to complete the game).

Download QR-Code Fire Emblem Heroes Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd. Price: Free Do you have Telegram installed? Receive the best post of each day on our channel. Or if you prefer, find out everything from our Facebook page.

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