Premiere of the Defenders, the new Marvel series for Netflix

Yesterday Friday Netflix premiered the new Marvel superhero group series, The Defenders. Or what has been the same as Los Defensores. Series in which we will see Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron fist together for the first time for the small screen.

The Defenders, Heroes for Hire or The New Avengers?

The truth is that I have not followed much the comics of The Defenders, but from what I understand these Netflix Defenders look more like the classics Heroes for Hire from the comics, what else. Or to New Avengers - I have read these comics - from the time of Brian Bendis.

In The original Defenders there were people like the Hulk or Dr. Strange

Is that a bad thing? Not at all, but I guess a name sells more cool What The Defenders before a dull Heroes for Hire.

How is the series? Worth?

For now I have only seen the first chapter, but even if it is little more than a presentation, the truth is that it points out ways. I've seen all 2 seasons of Daredevil, part of the series of Jessica jones and part of that of Iron fist, and although this last one I ended up leaving aside almost out of boredom, it seems that the same will not happen with the new premiere of Netflix.

It evokes feelings very similar to those of the best Marvel series to date, Daredevil, and that can only be good. I'll tell you if I was right or not when I finish seeing it ...

A trailer for newcomers

If this is the first time you hear about this series, nothing better than a small trailer to see what the game is about: street fights, mafias, ninjas and superheroes defending the innocent at the foot of the street.


The first season of The Defenders It consists of 8 episodes, and from August 18 all the chapters are available through the Netflix video streaming platform.

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