How to unlock a mobile without using the PIN, pattern or password

Android is an operating system that allows users to make modifications. And because this puts data security at risk, it is necessary to implement protection measures. One of them is the screen lock, with which we manage to prevent other people from having access to the information on the device.

The screen offers three ways to lock: PIN, pattern, and password. Any of them can be configured by accessing the device settings. The real problem occurs when the computer crashes, and we forgot the security element used.

It is quite common for the user to forget the unlock information. And with that you lose access to the device. This situation can be quite stressful. However, there are alternatives that will help you unlock the screen. In today's post we explain in a simple way the steps to follow to recover the security information, and thus be able to enter your computer again. Let's go there!

Unlocking the screen of devices with Android operating system

Most of the mobile device users panic when they find their phone locked. It is quite common that they do not remember the PIN, pattern or password, which they generally use to access the screen. Google has developed recovery methods, because it is a situation that occurs very regularly. And changing teams is not an option that can be resorted to at any moment.

There are several ways to solve this problem. Next, we will describe the most common ones, which are not necessarily the simplest. The user can explore these different alternatives, although it is not guaranteed that they will always be successful.

1- Find my device

It is an option available only within the Google platform. Android devices need a Gmail account to be able to access all its functions. If you have active Find my device, then from a computer it will be possible to block or erase the device. However, also with this same tool we can create a new password that will allow us to unlock it.

The way to do this unlocking is to access the website You must enter the information of login to your Google account. Then choose the device that is locked and click Lock your phone option.

It will allow you to create a new password. After creating this new password, enter it on the locked device. Now, access the settings and configure the locking system again.

2- Recover your password through Gmail

It is a valid alternative when the blocked device is a computer that has an old version of Android. The easiest way to unblock it is through your Gmail account. To do this, you must try to unlock team five times without success.

This will activate the "Forgot your password" option. Next, you need to enter your email, as well as the password to unlock the device. Remember that to carry out this action you must have an Internet connection.

3- Smartlock

With every Android update, more and more security methods are available. One of the options is the previous configuration of Smartlock. That is, once you purchase the equipment, it is necessary to activate this option. It will save you many future problems related to screen lock. Next, we will explain how to use it.

It is a Google administrator, which allows you to store information related to security. And that is necessary for certain applications. To use this option, enter this site // Here you will be shown a list of all passwords that have been stored in your account. Locate the PIN, and enter it to unlock the phone.

4- Safe mode for disabling locks by third parties

It is useful if the blocking occurs through so-called third-party blocking apps. For this, the best option to unlock the mobile is by calling "Safe Mode". It can be activated by restarting the phone, but third-party applications will be disabled.

The use of this option will vary from device to device. But on most of these, it can be activated by holding down the off button. It will allow the display of a window with the option off. Press and hold on Shutdown until you see a message to start in safe mode, which you must accept. After this, directly uninstall the lock app.

ADB for removal of lock system

This is the most complicated way to unlock your mobile phone screen. This option is ideal for those who have knowledge in the using ADB commands. Before starting the procedure, the USB debugging option must be activated and the ADB pack installed on the PC (you can see all the details in THIS ANOTHER POST).

The first thing will be to connect your Android device to the computer. Now, enter the ADB directory. The following command should be executed: "Adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key". After this it is necessary to restart the device, the locking system will be deactivated.

One detail that should never be forgotten is that this possibility will work as long as USB debugging is enabled. The computer must also be granted permissions to access the information on the device. Otherwise, it will not be possible to execute the ADB commands for unlocking.

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