The 5 best apps to focus and study without distractions

The smartphone is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is one of the best tools to do work, organize or consult information. But technology also has its dark side, and it is that it encourages procrastination to the minimum that we neglect ourselves.

It does not matter how old we are, if we have a mobile or a computer nearby it is very likely that we get distracted looking at irrelevant things on the Internet, instead of studying or doing that work that we have to deliver tomorrow.

5 great apps to help you focus, study and be more productive

Luckily, the same elusive technology that tempts us with hours and hours of playful content offers us solutions for our most primal instincts. If we need to focus for a few hours and studyThese are some of the apps that we should install on our Android. They will undoubtedly help us to disconnect from social networks and get work done much more easily.

Stay focused

If we want to stay away from the sucking whirlwind that is the mobile, this is one of the most powerful alternatives. With Stay Focused we can block apps and notifications so you can study without distractions.

Best of all is its versatility. Lets set usage limits (for example, no more than 1 hour a day on Instagram) e hour intervals in which the apps remain blocked for the user.

Download QR-Code Stay Focused - Apps & Website Block Developer: Innoxapps Price: Free

Forest: stay focused

Forest is one of those applications that plays with the willpower of the user. Instead of blocking access to certain web pages or applications, simply try to put the mobile aside. How? Using a dynamic of effort and reward.

Do you remember the classic Tamagochis? Well, the premise is very similar, only that instead of taking care of a virtual pet we will have a beautiful tree. First, we indicate the time we want to be "disconnected" to study.

From that moment on, Forest will plant a seed, and as long as we stay away from the mobile it will grow until it becomes a very beautiful tree. If, on the contrary, we use the mobile to check the mail or anything else, the plant will wither and nothing will grow. A most interesting method for fight mobile addiction.

Download QR-Code Forest : Stay Focused Developer: Seekrtech Price: Free


Francesco Cirillo was a university student in the 80's when he discovered that he wasted a lot of time when he was studying. He felt unproductive, even though in practice he spent hours and hours "studying." One day, he picked up a tomato-shaped kitchen timer and counted it down to 10 minutes, forcing himself to focus for those 10 minutes.

Little by little, he got used to 10 minute fully productive periods, after which he took a little break. Francesco called it the pomodoro method (literally, "tomato" in Italian), and since then it is one of the most popular study techniques.

The Pomodone app is based on this same technique. First, we establish a list of tasks and then we activate a timer marking the time that we will need to carry them out.

A most interesting application, which also offers integration with other services such as Wunderlist, Evernote, Todoist, and the like to export notes and notes on Android. Do not lose sight of it.

Download QR-Code PomoDoneApp: your task timer and ToDo Developer: Pomodone UAB Price: Free


Do you remember the typical "chops" or study cards? On one side of the card a question is written and the answer on the other side. Also known as flash cards, these are one of the most widely used study tools for learning and memorizing concepts.

StudyBlue is an app with which we can create our own flash cards with questions and answers. Something that can be great for us during exam time, since it allows us to practice at any time and place. It is enough that we carry the mobile with us.

In addition to being able to create our own study cards, StudyBlue also allows you to search and use the cards of other users. Something that can be very useful, considering that the app has more than 10 million users and about 500 million flash cards.

Download QR-Code StudyBlue Flashcards and Test Developer: StudyBlue Price: Free

Brain focus

We end with another productivity timer. In this case we have an app that combines the Stay Focused-style application blocking with the pomodoro method. In this way, with Brain Focus we can block applications while we have the timer activated. Something quite practical considering that we are almost always studying with our mobile by our side.

Otherwise, the application allows keep a history of the time dedicated to each task, and other interesting functions such as the possibility of activating the timer from the notification bar, or disable WiFi and mobile sound during study sessions.

Download QR-Code Brain Focus Productivity Timer Developer: Brain Focus Price: Free

If you know of any other study app that deserves to be shared, please do not hesitate to visit the comments area. Thanks for staying until the end!

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