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We always hear that the internet is very big, that there are millions of websites, and then in the end we always end up on the same old pages. What if YouTube, what if Facebook, some news page and our 4 or 5 header websites of a lifetime. And not all pages are the same, far from the mundane noise, in some corners of the Internet real gems are hidden. For those who know how to appreciate them ...

Coffee with Coca-Cola?

Puttingweirdthingsincoffee.com is a website where people expose their most explosive blends in terms of coffee. Coffee with Coca-Cola, coffee with salt and yogurt, coffee with a hard-boiled egg in it, coffee with a slice of bacon in the cup, for God's sake! If you thought you were a weird guy because you like chorizo ​​sandwiches with Nutella, that is because you still haven't seen the crazy things that people get on this website.

Coffee with bacon to start the morning right

A diamond is forever…

And the remains of your late husband as well. Or that's what they think at least in lifegem.com, a page in which they turn the ashes of your beloved partner or family member into a beautiful diamond. Prices range from $ 3,000 to $ 20,000 depending on the karats of the gem.

I present to you my aunt Lourdes

Throw the roll, come on!

This page is weird-weird. Go into papertoilet.com and see for yourself. If you are one of those who is always racaning with toilet paper, now you can indulge yourself with this website. The only thing you'll find here is a roll of paper to toss and toss until you're satisfied. Are you sure you need all that paper?

The endless roll

Noooooooo !!

Has your girlfriend left you? Had you saved the last strawberry yogurt for a special moment and when you remembered it had already expired? Do not hold back, you know that you need to get everything out of you. Go into www.nooooooooooooooo.com and unburden yourself.

The world is ending

Exit Mundi It is a website where they pose all possible situations for the end of the world. What would the ultimate apocalypse be? Will we die for lack of food? Nuclear war? This site is so crazy and at the same time so interesting that you can spend hours browsing through its various hypotheses and disquisitions.

Your extinction, thank you

The blue balls

Haneke.net It is for detailed people, or rather, for people who like to pay attention to details. Seriously. The Blue Ball Machine It has thousands of mechanisms and circuits, and you won't be able to stop looking at it until you realize that you are totally groggy.

Where do those little balls go?

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