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I have friends who hardly use the Android keyboard anymore than what is necessary. If they want to talk on WhatsApp they use the practical voice notes, and if they need to do a search in Google pull virtual assistant without a second's hesitation.

The great advantage of virtual assistants is their ability to listen to the user. We agree that in situations with a lot of ambient noise or with many people around us, listening can be complicated, but in the rest of the cases? There we can resort to the assistant and forget to write or type numbers.

Making calls by voice commands from OK Google

Within the listening functionalities of Google's virtual assistant, the well-known OK Google, you will find call assistance. Therefore, if we want to call any of our contacts or simply dial an unknown phone number, it will be enough to go to OK Google for this make the call for us.

To open the Android virtual assistant we just have to open the listening widget or say "OK Google" out loud (or at least high enough so that the terminal's microphone can pick up our voice clearly) so that the voice assistant is activated.

Once the assistant is in listening mode, we only have to say the name of our contact or the phone number we want to call for the assistant to get down to business and dial the requested number.

How to enable OK Google Active Listening

If we still do not have the Google voice assistant activated, we can activate listening by following the following steps:

  • We open the Google application.
  • We display the side menu of the app and go to "Settings”.
  • We are going to "Voice -> OK Google Detection”.
  • We activate the option "From any screen”. If we want to use the wizard even though we have the screen locked, we will also activate the tab "Voice unlock”.

This OK Google feature works only as of Android 5.0. If our Android version is 4.4 or earlier we can enjoy the Google voice assistant by installing the app Nova Launcher.

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