How to install an Android ROM using ADB Sideload

Normally, when we think about installing a ROM we usually opt for 2 alternatives. Either we use a custom recovery like TWRP or we launch a few fastboot commands from the PC. The big difference between one and the other is that in one case we can do everything directly from the phone and in the other we need a computer. Nevertheless, there is a third way to install a ROM official or customized on an Android device. Is named ADB Sideload.

The ADB Sideload has several advantages over the 2 previous methods.

  • Although we are going to need a PC, it does not require us to enter any series of "delicate" commands.
  • It is an installation method that does not use the internal memory of the phone.

This can be great for solving bricked phone cases. Perfect for working in situations where the internal memory of the device is inaccessible and we can only enter our personalized recovery.

What is ADB Sideload exactly?

The Sideload is a function that is implemented within the ADB command package and serves to transfer files from PC to mobile phone. It is mainly used to recover the factory image of a smartphone in an emergency.

How to install a ROM with ADB Sideload with TWRP from the computer

In order to install an Android ROM using ADB Sideload we must meet a couple of requirements:

  • Have the TWRP custom recovery installed on the mobile device.
  • A PC with the phone drivers and ADB drivers properly installed.

Now that we have everything ready, let's see what the installation of a ROM would be like. As you can see, it has no mystery and is really practical:

  • We connect the phone to the PC via USB.
  • We restart our Android device in recovery mode.
  • Within TWRP, we are going to “Advanced -> ADB Sideload"And click on"Swipe to start Sideload”.

  • Finally, we open a command window or Powershell in Windows (shift + right click -> Open the PowerShell window here) and write the following: "adb sideload”(Without quotes and without hitting enter yet). Next, we drag the ZIP file that contains the ROM to the MS-DOS window, and we press enter.

We can also directly write the command "adb sideload where corresponds to the full path where the image that we are going to flash is located.

Once this is done, TWRP will install the ROM that we have indicated from the PC. When flashing is 100% complete, the phone will reboot and the ROM will be installed.

As you can see, it is a process that does not have too many complications and works wonderfully when we do not have a microSD card at hand or we prefer to download the ROMs from the computer and in a much more comfortable way.

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