More than 3,500 Kindle books to download totally free

Do you like to read books in digital format? If so, it is possible that you have an Amazon Kindle -or any other electronic ink book- to read ebooks comfortably from the sofa, in bed or while traveling on the subway. In this case, today's post is especially dedicated to you, since we bring a list with more than 3,500 digital books in Kindle format that we can download totally free.

The only requirement to be able to download all these books is that we are registered with Amazon and have a valid account. It is not necessary to be registered in Kindle Unlimited (Amazon's Netflix-like service to read books) or make any additional outlay.

It should also be noted that, although we do not have a Kindle device, we can read this type of book without problem from our smartphone, PC or Mac with the Amazon app. Here is a link to the Kindle app for Android.

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On the other hand, if we already have a good PDF reader and the kindle format is a problem, we can also use a PDF or EPUB converter once we have downloaded the ebook on our device to read it as best suits us (MOBI, PDF, EPUB , FB2, CBZ). There are online converters from Kindle to PDF, although we can also use a converter for Android such as Ebook Converter.

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Over 3,500 free downloadable Kindle books of various genres and eras

That said, you can access the list and download any of the more than 3,650 free books that Amazon has through the following LINK.

Mention that Amazon offers a different list of books depending on our country. The link that we have attached a little above corresponds to Amazon Spain, but you can also consult the catalog for Amazon Mexico HERE, Amazon USA HERE, or by replacing the Amazon domain that appears in all these links with the one corresponding to the Amazon domain or URL in your country.

The themes could not be more varied: from science fiction novels, through romance, programming books, the odd comic (The Walking Dead, for example), novels by Stephen King (Laurie), erotic, historical (“ Under two flags ”by Arturo Pérez-Reverte), and much more.

In this list we will find more than 240 pages with free ebooks ordered by relevance. And pay attention, because we not only have classic books in the public domain: most of the material is recent publications. Novels and current books that have been on the market for a short time and are on sale for a certain time. Therefore, if you see one that interests you, do not hesitate to download it as soon as possible!

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