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¿Netflix history can be deleted? Affirmative! If you have been subscribed to the platform for a short time, you may not have realized it yet, but the history of views can be a problem. And not only because we are "giving away" a lot of information about our personal tastes when it comes to audiovisual entertainment.

The history is one of the tools that Netflix uses to offer us its famous "recommendations", and sometimes the truth is that it is not even close. In fact, some of these suggestions become absurd because of the surrealism of the proposal. In this case, we may want to make a clean slate in this regard, and that is only achieved deleting watch history.

How to Clear Netflix View History Completely

If we are also sharing our Netflix account with other people, we run the risk of them entering our profile and gossiping. Sometimes people are ashamed to admit that they like Adam Sandler movies, or that they are hooked on series like the sublime "Adventure Time”Or the umpteenth Korean drama. No problem!

To delete the browsing history of our Netflix profile, either in Android, iPhone or SmartTV, we simply have to follow the following steps.

  • We enter the settings of our Netflix account (HERE).
  • We scroll to "My profile"And click on"Viewing Activity”. If we want to delete the history of a different profile, we can select it from "Manage profiles”.

  • We go down to the bottom of the page. Here we will find a button that says “Hide all”. We click on it and accept the subsequent warning message.

On Netflix, clearing your history is called "Hide Activity". We do not know if the platform actually removes this data from its servers - because of the name they have given it, it does not seem that way - but for practical purposes for the user, the result is the same. A complete erasure of our watch and watch history.

This means that the suggestion marker will be reset. In this way, the new recommendations will be based on the series, movies and programs that we see from that moment on.

Warning: Netflix does not allow you to delete the viewing activity from "KIDS" or children's profiles.

How to delete specific series or movies from Netflix history

In some cases, a complete erasure of history may be too drastic a measure. Maybe we just want delete a specific title and continue receiving recommendations based on our visualizations. At the end of the day, we have all seen a series or movie that we would prefer to be deleted not only from our history, but from the Netflix catalog itself for the good of humanity.

  • To delete a specific title from the history, we just have to scroll to it and click on the icon that has a circle with a diagonal line.

It is important that we are sure of what we are going to do, since in this case no warning message will appear. In addition, it is an action that cannot be undone, so do not get lost!

Once deleted, a message like this will appear indicating that within 24 hours the selected title will no longer appear as a title that we have seen and will not be included in the recommendations again.

If it is a series of several chapters, we can delete them all at once by clicking on «Hide the series«.

Consequences of deleting an item from history

As we have commented in the previous paragraph, if we delete a series, movie or documentary from Netflix's history, it will not be included again among the suggestions. From that moment on, we will not see recommendations for similar series or movies either. And finally, the control of the chapters that we have seen and those that we have not, in addition to the position in the reproduction of each one of them, will also be reset to zero.

Of course, the total deletion is what works best if we want to reset or reuse the profile for someone else to use it. If all we want is to erase the odd guilty pleasure, then it is best to do a selective erase.

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